Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blogging Highlights

No special milestone, except that I was tagged by Prathama here. I thought it was an interesting tag to pickup. Having been blogging for more than 3 years now, the tag provides me with an excellent opportunity to look back - a recap of all the 186 posts I have done so far. It was interesting to go to the archives and reread my own writing and soak in the waves of memories of the years gone by. (Here's my centennial post that also coincided with My Musings' second anniversary.)
Yes, blogging is worth the time and effort; don't you think so too? So thank you so much for the tag and here I go...

1. Blogger must be nominated to take part.
Yep, nominated.

2. Blogger must publish one link from his/her blog for each of the following categories:
  •  Your most beautiful post...
Have to do a lot of thinking here - so many aspects can define beauty...okay, so I feel that my most beautiful post was the one on sunset - "In My Sky At Twilight" - it has pictures that I had taken from my patio of the setting sun, interspersed with poetry from Pablo Neruda and Wordsworth. I go back to it a lot of times just to read my favorite lines and relive the splash of colors.
  • Your most popular post...
I am going by Blogger statistics here. The post that has been most visited, that is the post with the maximum number of page views, is Tom and Jerry: Just a cat and mouse game? I have got a lot of mails on the post from so many people around the world (I swear I mean it literally :)).
  • Your most controversial post...
Obviously, Anti Corruption and Anti Hazare. I had vehement supporters and aggressive opposers. I got so many anonymous hate mails too!
  • Your most helpful post...
This is a tough one to decide. Helpful to whom? Aah, yes - it has to be De-tanning! I wrote about some easy home remedies to get rid of a bad sun tan and the post has been fairly popular with a lot of people writing back saying the tips really worked!
  • A post, the success of which surprised you...
It has to be High Five! I never expected such a wonderful response from not only people who follow my blog but random visits by blog walkers too! Not only did the women show whole hearted appreciation but a lot of men folk "liked" it too :).
  • A post you feel didn't get the attention it deserved...
This one has to be one of my earliest posts. I had just started writing and didn't have too many readers. I think if I had written Veni, Vidi, Visa - I came, I saw, I shopped more recently, it would have been more popular :).
  • The post that you are most proud of...
I like all my posts - I mean that's why I write them, right? :). On a serious note, I am quite proud of all the original poetry that I have published as part of this blog. Some of my personal favorites are: Living 'Life', Washed Away, Demystification, Consolatory?, Light?, and Arbit.

3. Blogger must nominate 5 or more bloggers to take part, who in turn publish links to their blog posts and nominate other bloggers.
A lot of bloggers I follow have already done this tag or something similar. So, here are the people who I think write awesome blogs and have not done this tag. Please take this up if you have the time and the inclination :)!
- AJai at Aj's Take 

And, I am done :).


  1. Your poetry is something even I like a lot. :) Keep writing... exploring a few links. Happy Women's Day! :D

    1. thank you and happy women's day to you too!

  2. I liked tom and jerry one too .. and the anna hazaare Well I made my feeling clear on that too , they are all the same end of the day. as time has gone by so much has come out who is what ..

    Excellent Tag :)

    1. thanks Bikram - yes the truth eventually comes out...i remember youhaving done a similar post with the highlights!

  3. My fav is High Five! And caught up on the others I had missed.. The centennial post was a great read too! Looking forward to more :-)

  4. Whew ...felt good to know i've read all of the linked posts! :) Its going to take me some time to trawl thro the previous posts and come up with my own post. I'll get down to it, hopefully soon! Thanks for the tag!

  5. I wonder how I missed this post. Maybe it was up on a weekend. Well, I like all your posts and would've found it difficult to pick a few. I guess I have read almost everything that you have mentioned but I also see it as another opportunity to stop by.

    Congrats on your milestone. Seems like all comments are congratulatory for you.

    Joy always,

  6. Hi Yuvika..How r u?? Long time..Do u remember me..?? :):)Congrats on your journey with "My musings"..Let the great posts be coming...:)

  7. YUVIKA!
    No, I did not ignore this post, I had not read it--until now. As I going through the exercise, my though was, "Boy am I glad she didn't tag ME!" Then I thought "Steve, you still have too much Pride to even consider that Yuvika will be tagging YOU as an interesting blogger!"

    Then OMG, look there, I tell you it takes a lot to surprise me...but YOU DID!

    I suppose there is no deadline, so I'll get on it soon, Ma'am.
    Still wondering "Why ME?" There are so many really GOOD bloggers out here. But I say THANK YOU. I really appreciate this. Now I finally know how other Peeps feel, when chosen by their peers!


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