Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For the love of chocolate!

I had been postponing this post for a long time, because I wanted to have pictures to go with the recipes but every darn time I baked, the camera was no where in the picture :(. So before I forget, noting the recipes down here for my future reference and for you to try out too!

So, here are three chocolate-based cakes that I have tried more than just once in the last 6 months, with success every time. These are super yummy and like I always say, if I could get them right, anybody can!

1. Martha Stewart's Ultimate Chocolate Cake with Ultimate Chocolate Frosting: This has to be the easiest frosting ever! The cake comes out so well that it is an instant hit with everybody. Also, you can whip it up at very short notice. My favorite decorative addition has to be the MnMs I put on it.

2. Martha Stewart's Moist Devil's Food Cake with Mrs. Milman's Chocolate Frosting: The cake is fairly basic but the frosting requires a loads and loads of patience. The creams needs to be cooked on a low flame for almost 40-50 minutes and then refrigerated for a couple of hours to get the right consistency. I was actually surprised I got it right the first time. But, the frosting is well worth the effort. It's absolutely yummy!

3. Chocolate Cake with Nutella Buttercream Frosting: I wanted something quick and tasty for my hubby's birthday. And as luck would have it, I chanced upon this recipe. We both love Nutella and this seemed a fairly easy frosting to prepare. And it was. I gave a slight twist to the cake by adding strongly brewed coffee - it went very well with the Nutella taste. 

What are your favorite chocolate cake recipes?

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I shooed the cat,
It stared right back into my eyes.

I shooed the pigeons,
They hovered even closer to my food.

I shooed the squirrel,
It defiantly settled on my patio wall.

I shooed the raccoon,
It refused to leave my dustbin.

I shooed the deer,
It calmly walked towards me.

I shooed the geese,
They cackled louder and closer.

I turned around and asked someone,
How come these animals know no fear?
He gently smiled and said at once,
Cos, nobody shoos them around here.


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