Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Living ‘Life’

The calendar dictates my days,
The clock my time.
I snooze between alarms,
And dream through the commute.

Blinded by my false sense of self worth,
The beauty of the newly blossomed gulmohar
On the path I rush through, escapes me.

The mornings are maniacally hurried,
And the evenings pass in a daze.
Of the afternoons I remember nothing;
The nights are long and silent.

I like to believe that within me,
Lie the depths of the ocean.
There are oysters with hidden pearls.

I don’t have the luxury of deep diving,
I console myself, and then I sigh in relief;
This fear of searching within, only to
Stumble upon the silence of the hollow years.

The lack of profound sorrow and
The absence of any exhilarating joy
Am I blessed or just plain cold?

At the shore, my heart aches for the
Electrifying currents that run deep;
And the sinking ship, in the middle of
The blue, envies my sanctuary at the coast!


  1. Beautifully penned! Esp the part about retrospecting these 'hollow years' in future..

  2. Busy days I understand. :P

    Well written. :)

  3. Thanks you Keerthana and Sameera!

  4. Tagged u in my latest post! :)

  5. I wud say same hee other then the nights .. my nights are zzzzzzzzzzzz my head hit the pillow and I am gone .. :)

    good poem
    somehow this seems to be very common in the modern world


  6. thanks Bikram! yes seems like a post modern angst ;)


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