Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hibernation in Spring!

It's quite ironic (and I sheepishly add, shameless), that after going ga-ga about the joys and merits of blogging in my post, 'Blogging Highlights', I went missing from blogosphere (as I notice) for more than two months :(.

I actually 'googled' if any living creatures hibernated through spring - apparently, yours truly is indeed unique. And now that the mercury has already reached 100 (F), I seem to languidly awake from what has been a rather long siesta. Lots of friends in the real and reel world have been inquiring after me. A big hug and thank you for caring, you guys are absolute darlings). However, much to everybody's disappointment (:D), I have started trying to begin to respond back and say "hey, I am alive, not so soon" :P. 

So, here I am, with renewed faith in the institution of 'blog-dom'. I plan to start off blogging regularly as before. There are some trillion unread blog posts and I do hope to read through as many of them as I can.

Meanwhile, this is me shouting out loud, Howdy Folks? :)


  1. and howdy back at ya ...

    well being unique is good .. everyone remembers your :)

    good to see you back and yeah go through those trillion unread blog posts .. a few are mine in them .. this is called shameless publicity he he he he :)


    1. Am back to reading yours too!!! thanks for writing in!

  2. Ha ha..! Strangely I had been off blogging for a while too. :P Good to know you are back in action.. :)

    A warm welcome!

    1. Thanks! and good to see you back too!

  3. Hello! I was wondering what was up with you :)


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