Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tequila Sunsets

I was thinking what better way to welcome March than post some of the last of the sunset fiestas of the season. Soon it will get warm and then hot, and hotter. The skies will become languid and I'll miss this splash of colors at twilight.

"Splendor of ended day floating and filling me, 
Hour prophetic, hour resuming the past, 
Inflating my throat, you divine average, 
You earth and life till the last ray gleams I sing...

...Wonderful to depart!
Wonderful to be here!... 

...Wonderful how I celebrate you and myself 
How my thoughts play subtly at the spectacles around! 
How the clouds pass silently overhead! 
How the earth darts on and on! and how the sun, moon, stars, dart on and on!...

...O amazement of things--even the least particle!
O spirituality of things!... 

...I sing to the last the equalities modern or old,
I sing the endless finales of things,... 

...O setting sun! though the time has come,
I still warble under you, if none else does, unmitigated adoration." 

[Excerpts from Song at Sunset by Walt Whitman]


  1. WOW what beautiful pictures , you know today i was driving to birmingham and the 35 mile journey took 2hrs and 10 minutes .. but one good thing happened sun was setting and i was busy taking so many pictures of the sun set.. and they have come out good I will put them up sometime...

    the pictures reminded me , I was so angry at the traffic but somehow watching the sun go from yellow to orange to Pink also made me smile ..

    nature at its best ...


    1. true - nature can be such a balm! do post your pics!

  2. Those are some amazing pictures! What a lovely sunset!

    You have been tagged here check it out-


    1. thanks! Will just checkout the tag!

  3. All phases of the moon, stars in timed photo, full of awe (awesome) for me, But that lucky ole sun, ain' got nuthin' to do--but roll around heaven all day (song!)...

    Sunrises I am seeing now every morning, since they arrive earlier each day, and I love them, the promise the day holds of whatever!

    BUT, Yuvika, there is something extra special about the sunset, which your photos say to me. End of the day, time to relax, reflect, be quietly grateful, and know that God is still in charge. THAT SAYS A LOT--and so do your pictures!

    1. Amen to that - hope God is always in charge!

  4. Walt Whitman.. I remember trying to make sense of his poems when I found that book in my Dad's collection when I was a kid. :)

    Beautiful pictures :)

  5. Good one.. It would have been good to have the photos a bit bigger on the blog..



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