Friday, May 28, 2010


A moment on the edge of time
A sigh on parched lips
A bubble balanced on the tip of a sword
A shrieking echo in vacuumed space
A promise of permanence in changing times
A curse of hollow years from empty palms
A sinking ship in the beautiful ocean
A dream on partially open lids
A drop of dew in the morning sun
A green leaf just before the onset of fall

And so, my life lies in the crevices
Of the worlds that have not fallen
There must have been a reason
Or then maybe none at all
I will not ask the question again
I know there is no answer
It was never meant to be
Anything but a coincidence
This talk of a mission and goal
The pilgrimage to resurrection
When waiting for the final annihilation


  1. A poem with really deep meaningful lines...gr8 work

  2. Yuvika, it is a very nice poem.

  3. Thank u Chowla ji and Niraj!

  4. wonderful lines.. :) enjoyed reading it..:)


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