Saturday, October 2, 2010

The centennial post!

So Blogger tells me this is my 100th post, and I am super kicked. What makes the milestone even more special is the fact that it coincides with my entry into the third year of blogging!
Yes, My Musings completes two years today!

What started as an impromptu expression of thoughts has become a medium that has grown on me - has become a very defining aspect of who I am.
Though quite a diary person from my kiddie days, when I used to write long pages on events, experiences that touched me – blogging has been a different adventure. While I would be more than content to just put down on paper (e-paper ;)) my feelings, thoughts and musings, being read brought in a whole new exciting dimension to the act of writing itself.

If blogging has been cathartic, having readers – known and unknown - from different spaces – physical and philosophical – has been exhilarating. I want to thank all the ardent “followers” on the blog, RSS feeds, Twitter, and the family and friends on FB and Buzz who have been patient enough to read through my posts, share their valuable insights, and always been so appreciative of my efforts.

The journey so far…
In 2006-07, with constant traveling and moving, personal journals were getting difficult to maintain – so much so that I had almost lot touch with the “pen”. I had been trying to get a foothold on the blogging space but more than anything else, it was sheer laziness that kept me at bay.
Finally, in October 2008, though having registered on Blogspot more than a year ago, I did my first blog post. Usually, most bloggers do a Welcome or a Hello World post to mark their entry into the blogosphere – I was abrupt.
The death of Sowmya Viswanathan was shocking, and more tragic was the reaction of the politicos – You can read the post here.
On hindsight, I don’t know what made me a regular blogger after that post. Maybe I needed that impetus, that push to break the writer’s block.

Since then, this blog has been an expression of most things in life that hold meaning for me.
I have done a range of posts from seemingly frivolous ones to more introspective ones. What’s kept me going is that I have been able to be true to myself. Though I love the reactions of people to my writing I don’t write to please anyone in particular. What I write is essentially me and that is a satisfying emotion.

There was a time when I felt that an anonymous profile might suit me better. Anonymity might enable me to write more honestly and openly.
I argued that against integrity. If I feel strongly about something, why should I be scared to associate my identity with it? However, there are still times that I am not enable to share an experience that involves others for fear of compromising their privacy – but I guess trade-offs would always be there.

The making of My Musings…
Though I started with quite a simple template from, I am in love with my current template from
The daisy is your everyday flower – yet it is beautiful and exquisite in its simplicity. The green is for life and the sunshine peeping through the clouded sky is the hope we all live on!

Indiblogger and BlogAdda memberships have had their advantages – apart from being ranked, I got to interact with fellow bloggers, each gifted and uniquely talented!

Not a tech savy person, I have been able to get some widgets going. My favorite ones include the visitor counter (I love to see the so many flags of countries from where people access my blog – Oh how on top of the world I feel :)), and the Link Within gadget that adds associated posts below the latest post.

As for my favorite posts, I cannot choose among my creations, can I?

So here’s raising a toast to the blogosphere! Cheers!


Over to you now…


  1. Pleasure reading your musings lady...All the very best for your future write ups...

  2. Congrats dear Yuvika! I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas. And I am quite glad to have met you in the Indibloggers meet in March.

    May you celebrate many centurys in your blogging experience.


    Joy always,

  3. Congrats...for completing your two years and 100th post...i must was pleasure reading every post since i have joined ur blog...freshness in writing and presenting was one of key noticeable..a warm regards on completing the milestone and i really wish hard for completing many more in coming days...Congrats once again...All the best

  4. My best wishes on completing 100th post and two yrs.
    I know a lot of people who plan for months together, but take the final plunge much later, like you did.
    Your posts have been very crisp,to the point, very honest and meaningful.It is eventually the content which makes one stay on.That is why and how you are around doing well.
    Incidentally,I too started in oct 2008

  5. congrats on ur 100th post and may there be many more !!!!

  6. You have a lovely blog Yuvika and I absolutely love the way you write..Kudos to you on the 100 posts milestone!! Keep blogging :-)

    Would love to see this pretty daisy bloom everyday.

  7. oh my god, this is so overwhelming. Heartfelt thank you to each one of you for so much appreciation and encouragement.

  8. @Susan: It was an absolute pleasure meeting you too at the meet.

    @Chowlaji: That makes one more thing common between us apart from our wedding anniversaries...

  9. Providence!...Congratulations on completing 2 yrs and posting a nice 100th post. Writing and expressing one's opinions is a good virtue and having bones to do it is commendable.
    All the best for your future postings and happy blogging :)

  10. I love your blog. Please check out my new blog! Support me if you can! :)

    Thanks and I look forward to reading your future blog post.



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