Thursday, March 10, 2011

In the interim…

Diagnosis: Rare syndrome. It primarily affects the cranium, the cardiac muscle, and the overall skeletal system. The key symptoms of the disease include buoyancy of the skull, solidity of the spirit, listlessness of the spine – often manifested in the form of general inability to focus on tasks at hand, no clear vision of the future, writer’s block, perceived loss of dexterity of the limbs at all times of the day and night, forced hallucinations, weak will to fight it all and a strong inclination to do nothing at all.

There seems to be no clinically proven cure for this extreme medical condition.

In progress:
  • Formulating a routine to factor in time for physical exercise
  • Taking a break – Bangalore and back – Visiting Delhi and the US in the coming months
  • Chilling out with friends in the middle of stressed out work weeks – Have been doing the casual shopping trips and the eat outs – also have hit the pub more times in the last month than I have done in years together
Suggestions and recommendations welcome. Won’t exactly murder you for playing doc!

P.S. Not announcing a hiatus. One of those phases when meaninglessness rules and most things (and most people) seem to exasperate the life out of you.
Will be back sooner than you know.


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