Thursday, December 13, 2012

Before the Mayan Apocalypse...

... I thought I should atleast update this blog. Have been so busy with the new role in my life that everything has taken a back seat. But here I am.

So the excitement of 12/12/12 has worn off. I hope all the babies forced to be born on that day are doing well. All the people who made it to history book because of their anniversaries and birthdays, congratulations! And those who had nothing eventful to report, Cheers! I didn't even realize it was THE date, till hubby dear pointed it out. 

Okay, so all this hullabaloo about the end of the Mayan calendar and hence the end of the world, and other such apocalyptic theories and prophecies, make no sense to me. C'mon guys, make a new calendar and move on...don't we do that every year? 

This frenzy about doing everything before it all ends is hilarious to say the least. If anyways, everything was ending, what does it matter what you do and what you don't. You know, there are people who talk about bucket lists of to-do's etc before they die or something like that. Guess what, if I knew I was about to die, I would do what I do best, sit back and relax. Anyways, when you are gone, who's taking stats on what you set out to achieve and what you actually achieved. Nobody is going to build me a memorial if I jump off a plane in the sky. I rather have bucket lists for things to do if I continued to live. 

Oh, and before I sign off, the other mad rush to say I love you to people who matter before 12/21/2012: Please do that anyways because it will come in extremely handy if the world does not end!

So god bless, and see you on the other side of the Mayan calendar. Stay put and hold tight, you might just make it to Christmas, this year!



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