Friday, May 28, 2010


A moment on the edge of time
A sigh on parched lips
A bubble balanced on the tip of a sword
A shrieking echo in vacuumed space
A promise of permanence in changing times
A curse of hollow years from empty palms
A sinking ship in the beautiful ocean
A dream on partially open lids
A drop of dew in the morning sun
A green leaf just before the onset of fall

And so, my life lies in the crevices
Of the worlds that have not fallen
There must have been a reason
Or then maybe none at all
I will not ask the question again
I know there is no answer
It was never meant to be
Anything but a coincidence
This talk of a mission and goal
The pilgrimage to resurrection
When waiting for the final annihilation

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wish ‘Kites’ soared higher!

Yes, that was precisely my emotion after watching the much-awaited Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori starrer.

So, what is Kites all about? A romantic, action-packed, adventurous thriller with the mandatory song and dance sequences, a love quadrangle of sorts, connections with a dangerous family that turn bloody, a senseless lustful villain, the lead pair with a teary childhood, circumstantially forced into illegal acts, hopelessly in love – long story cut short - a clich├ęd bollywood melodrama with the only saving grace being Hrithik Roshan, and the fact that there is no happily after (remember the whole logic of kites soaring high only to fall back to the ground?).

Hrithik is incredibly good looking (you didn’t need me to tell you that) and he carries the movie in his arms (I just realized, 'on his shoulders' sounds so bland :p). He is this drop dead gorgeous smooth talker you would go out of your way to bump into Vegas, or any other city in the world for that matter.

Barbara Mori is, well, okay – nothing much to write home about (sorry guys!) – but the on-screen chemistry between J. and Linda is convincing and cute, so I hold nothing against her really.

Kabir Bedi is wasted, wonder what made him agree to the role!

Music’s nothing great either, though I kind of like ‘zindagi do pal ki…’

I loved Hrithik (oh, did I already talk about that before? ;))!!! His international looks really blow one away – girls, you need to watch the movie, if only for the Greek god himself (I know this sounds highly exaggerated, but c'mon indulge me for a change!)

I am trying to think what more I liked about the movie….
…. Okay, yes to be fair, some of the scenes were beautifully shot – exquisite locales – the cliff scene in the end was breathtaking – Locales from Nevada and Mexico are mesmerizing.
The tragic unfolding of the tale, in parts, did tug my heart - but then I am a certified non-cognitive nitwit :(

And sadly, nothing else justifies the time the movie took in the making and the hype it created. I hear that the English version is shorter (90 minutes as compared to the 130 minute long hindi version) and releases 28th May. My recommendation – go watch that one!

And, by the way, I didn’t forget to mention how handsome Hrithik Roshan looked, did I ? :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

3 weeks later!

Naah, this is not the latest Danny Boyle zombie movie – 3 weeks is the time I have been away from the blogging world, dormant on FB, totally inactive on Orkut, completely out of circulation on Twitter, and silent on my phone!

So, even if you didn’t really miss me on any of the channels above and couldn’t care less about what kept me away, in the true spirit of being me, I shall go ahead and burden you with the bloody details :D!

It has been work, work, and helluva work – almost the entire 3 weeks were spent writing documents, conducting reviews, “following up”, sitting late nights burning the midnight oil, less of food intake, more of calorie burning (still no reduction in the uneasy number people refer to as weight), reworks, last minute troubleshooting, near cardiac arrests, not-so-easy recoveries, dull weekends, and everything else that symbolizes a product release in the big bad IT world! The good news is I am done duna done done! (however silly and irritating it sounds)

The missed “blog” moments…
I really wanted to blog about the Kasab drama (a well deserved death sentenced), the Nirupama tragedy (a giant leap back to the stone age), the Burqa: to be or not to be (I think I can still write on this one – will make a note) and finally my tryst with Laila (for the ignorant, laila is the name of the cyclone that recently hit Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and created some havoc in my life too – I was stranded in the middle of the flyover and etc etc - none of which was remotely humorous :().

What else has been happening?
Apart from work, some other news too!

# My darling brother has finished his 4-yr degree program and is back in Delhi – this directly translates into me being all by myself on the weekends – he has been a wonderful companion for all my shopping sprees and gastronomic indulgences! Will miss u Priyank, enjoy and take care :).

# I finally managed to plan my long due vacation – It’s going to be a wonderful Californian summer – remember to check out this blog for the updates on that!

# My school years’ crush on Hrithik Roshan has kind of re-inflamed – it takes a lot to get me star struck and oh I am so in love! I go for Kites today and am hoping there’s lots to write when I am back!

# And finally, some songs refuse to leave my lips – and have been instrumental in retaining my cheer in the dark ages (3 weeks). Posting them here for your consumption too…

>> Uff teri adaaa – An instant mood lifter

>> Zombies…in your head!

>> Ranjha Ranjha – from Mani Ratnam’s Raavan

>> Blackbird – singing in the dead of night…

>> Pal pal har pal – from the second Munnabhai movie

>> There are a few more all time favorites, which gave me company - but I stop here at Wake me up when September comes…

Sunday, May 2, 2010


She wakes up to the din of the dawn
(Whoever painted the serene morning star,
Did not have a lousy spouse and kids to feed)

She works amidst the mass of chaotic humanity
(Brotherly love and knightly charm are
Superfluous verses on scraps of paper)
The heat, and the gray sky opaque with dust
Struggle to offer her hope and joy
(Those who talk of the beauty of summer
Must try taking her place, she thinks again)

Shared smiles and cursed exchanges
Are the highlights of her day

She dreads the walk back home
The night is neither dark nor quiet
Awaits is the cacophony of the
Evening chores and the kitchen fire
(Calm and warmth that dusk brings
Is a privilege of the mighty rich, she knows)

She wades through the needs of the house
And the demands of mutual habitation
(Familial love and celebration is welcome
Only when the stomachs are full)
Into the four walls and the closed doors
She finally makes one desperate attempt
To seek peace and solace
(She still wonders whether she feels
Relief or fear when he does not return)

Sleep eludes her, so does life
Her heart dips, that sinking feeling
The night will not end her woes
It will not drown the aching pain
It will not promise a new morning

She must get up tomorrow
To roll the stone uphill, once more

This game must be His favorite to watch
She muses,
No wonder He makes us play it again and again.


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