Friday, September 7, 2012

The last of the glorious 20s!

So this is it. There's no jackpot happening; nor is there a fortune awaiting to be accidentally chanced upon. Noble prize seems like an alternate reality, and being a prime minister/president doesn't figure on the horizon! 

Naah, not that I have really wanted any of the above...I mean I would like to believe if I really really wished for these, I would have tried working on it seriously, rather than make lazy wishes on an unmade bed! 

So, what is it? Well, I turned 29 this week, which basically leaves me with only one year before I hit the deadly, deadly number 30! I don't know if I feel older, but I have begun to wonder how long will the 18 till I die anthem offer consolation. Isn't there a magical optimism and effervescence, however misplaced it may seem, about being closer to 20 than 30! The paranoia starts right about when you turn 26 (read about my panic attack here), and only worsens as the candles on the cake increase. 

Trust me, I have already started reading through lists of things to do before you turn 30, and it's not helping! Most of them seem frivolous. Now, how does it matter if you have jumped off a plane or not?
As for the horror stories, 30s can't be all about expanding waistlines, receding hairlines, and budgets and bank balances, can they? Fortunately, I also hear assuring tales of more confident living and stable relationships. Sigh.
As to how my 30s will turn out, only time will tell (and there's not much left anyways before we find out - buaahhhhaaaa :( :(! I could have waited.

While I take my time to bid adieu to youth, as it were, and brace myself for true, true middle age, I would love to hear your take on the unseemly number, people call age!

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  1. I only have one hope left before I turn 30 and that is a peaceful 8 hour sleep :D:D

    1. ha ha ha! i can understand your plight!

  2. Ah, nothing much happens after you turn 30. TV shows, films, ads and people around create a BIG hype. You will get up on your birthday and find that the day is as beautiful as it used to be when you were say, 27 and a half.

    As for expanding waistlines, receding hairlines and decreasing bank balance -- You cannot have it all all the time, after all everything has to increase-decrease and then the cycle goes on. Eat right, exercise right and harbour pleasant thoughts - Life will be a ball.

    Yuvika, hope you had a lovely birthday. Belated wishes.

    Joy always,

    P. S: Can't wait to welcome you to the 30s club ;)

    1. well said Susan! Life will be what we make it!

      P.S. Cant say how eager I am to enter the 30s club :D.

  3. I am sure u gonna make the best of ur rest.. my belated bday wishes to u.. and yes i started to google things that i shud do b4 30 :PPP

  4. Happy happy birthday .. many many happy returns of the day..

    and its just a number , I dont beleive in all that , I am doing more that what I did when i was 20 or 30 .. So stopy worrying and saying the deadly 30. nothing like that ..


    1. thanks! yes, i'll try to remember age is only anumber that doesn't matter :)


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