Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What does religion mean to you?

I read and watch all this fanaticism, all this murderous outrage, people ready to die and kill - all in the name of religion; and I often wonder who are these people who get so deeply affected by what someone else has to comment about their religion. 

In today's growing cosmopolitan times, where you get to interact with so many people from different ethnic, racial, cultural and religious backgrounds who maybe your colleagues, neighbors, fellow travellers, classmates, how can such a vast majority of people not understand that irrespective of the religious, national, or whatever affiliation you may have there are good people and bad people everywhere. If one representative says or does something that hurts your sentiments, there is no point going out in arms against the entire community, killing so many innocents!

That is the big picture. Specifically, talking about religion, I personally find it very difficult to believe that someone can harbor so much hatred as to lash out at a religion in the most insensitive manner; I also find it equally difficult to believe that someone reacts to that hatred with equal animosity if not more. Who are these people? What does religion mean to them?

Honestly, speaking, I don't know if I am religious or not. Sure, I was born into a hindu family and celebrate the festivals, we have a temple at my parents' home that we used to pray at when we were told to. However,  we were not imparted any formal religious education. We were not told these are the strict confines of religion we must stay within or the rules we must adhere to. God and religion were mostly discussed in the context of being a good human being, being conscious of the right and the wrong, and doing the right. And that was how all the people and children around me were brought up!

In the recent years, religion has receded more in the background as far as my individual identity is concerned.  God is more a matter of personal faith...And I see that with most people in our generation. We all try to be the best we can, do the best we can, and we try to make a decent life; which brings me back to the recurrent question, so who are these violent religious people? What does religion mean to them? What does religion mean to you?

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  1. No religion teaches killing of innocent, yet religion is one point used to kill millions ..

    to me religion is to be good and treat others how you want to be treated ..

    God's way or teachings etc have been translated differently by Everyone.. I can go on and on and onnnnnn :)


    1. It's so strange that god's way is translated in totally opposite ways by different people - each to serve their own purpose!

  2. I strongly believe there is an ulterior motive for people to do this. It can't be just religion. Or may be as you speak about it in your post. The knowledge of religion had been imparted in a very unimaginable way. They are wired differently.

    While I do agree these people have no right to kill innocents. Shouldn't public display of hatred and vast promotion of ANTI movies be a punishable by law? There is freedom of speech but no sane mind should appreciate these thoughts. May be I should reserve my comments till I actually see the movie.

    Hope you have adjusted well and have settled down in the greener place ;)

    1. Agree with you but then why kill innocents because of what one criminal did, is my thought!

      Yep, settling down well...thanks!


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