Thursday, August 30, 2012

Towards greener pastures!

And I mean "greener" pastures more literally than anything else.

If you have been following me on my blog, you do not need a recap of all the trillion times I have cribbed about our stay in the desert. Well, here's an important lesson: if you crib hard enough and long enough, looks like god does intervene! 

We have moved across the country - all the way from Arizona to Virginia. And inspite of the obvious downside of a move: the distance, the packing, the organizing, apartment hunting, re-settling down, etc. etc., guess what, I am not complaining. At any given point of the day, the temperatures are atleast 20 degrees lower. There are no blast furnaces burning on your face when you open the door and the sun stays well withing its limits. Not to, ofcourse, mention the pleasant green everywhere. 

We are far from settling down just now, but I thought it is never too early to announce the closure of the desert diaries; greener pages should start soon :D. 

And hence we bid adieu to August on a cool note! 

[Image source: Google Images]


  1. ah ha .. virginia is lovely , I was there about 4 years ago visiting a friend and stayed for a week.. Might see you there sometime then ..

    ok ok dont hide now .. will give u notice he he he hee h

    All the best with the new place yuvika take care ..


    1. Thanks Bikram! And next time when you are visiting here, pls give me enuf notice to hide :)


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