Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I am not exactly your compulsive eavesdropper but there are times I just can't help listening in - either the conversation is way too interesting or the people too loud! 
Here are some interesting conversations I have had the "great fortune" of having heard and never have forgotten :D.

Let's start with the most recent one...
A group of 8-10 year olds playing near our patio:
White American boy 1: Girls are difficult to manage. They are rude. We won't play with them.
Black American boy 1: So you guys don't like girls?
All boys in unison: No, no, we like girls! 
White American boy 2: So, have you guys touched a girl.
Black American boy 2 is scandalized and cycles off!
Indian boy: No! I don't want to get girls pregnant!
Chinese girl (looks like I was not the only one eavesdropping): You boys are so dumb. Girls don't become pregnant by touching.
White American boy 2: Yes, and that makes me the only man among you all because I have touched a girl.
(Me: !!!)

Another one involving kids - this time two grade 6 girls...Overheard near my place in India...
Girl 1: What's your problem, why are you behaving like this?
Girl 2: You mind your own business. I don't want to play with you.
Girl 1: I think you have serious issues in life that you need to sort out!
(Me: Ouch!)

The last one with kids...And with that a mental note to myself: Never ever eavesdrop on children's conversations - respect their privacy plus whatever they have to say will scandalize you anyways! This one again in our neighborhood in India...A conversation between 6 year olds!
Girl 1: Do you like Boy 1?
Girl 2: Yes, he is like my boyfriend.
Girl 1: Oh, so will you marry him?
Girl 2: No! You can't marry your boyfriend. I will marry Boy 2. He is also nice.
(Me: And, how come we grown ups don't have such clarity in understanding of relationships :D)

I think I'll stop here. Maybe, I should do another post on the adults; though their conversations will be much less interesting. Let's see...

[Image source: Google Images]


  1. lolz....in sixth grade i had not idea what "serious relationship" meant :D

  2. nice and funny !!!!!

  3. For some reason I enjoy "conversations" in the blogs--real or imagined. They bring a story or poem to life. For me.
    Thanks, Yuvika

    PS I fit right into those discourses--at my age, I am replaying early life!

  4. Age 5...I knew "serious". It was when she gave me half of her well- chewed gum. I still ask every girl for half their gum, except the 'girls'
    who I ask usually have a hefty number of teeth attached to their gum(s)--grin!

  5. This was fun, Yuvika. And please, adults will only talk about beauty parlours, stock market, etc.

    Joy always,

    1. yep, deftly not as interesting as the kids!

  6. He he he he :) I liked that .. the last one specially CLEAR CUT view

    good one kids


  7. Hilarious.So even young kids distinguish between 'boyfriend material' and 'husband material' :P

  8. Very funny:) wondering wht my daughter talks will be when she grow up:)

    1. the next generation will have only surprises for us :)

  9. Wow.. Kids today are so much smarter than we were at their age ... - Mehak


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