Thursday, August 16, 2012


My 200th post! And soon My Musings will enter its 5th year. Wow! It almost seems like I have "aged" with this blog :). 

And while we are at the number game, some other interesting numbers from Blogger:

75335 page views (I think this number should be more as I installed the page view tracker only a year ago :D)

28978 page views for a single post (Tom and Jerry: Just a cat and mouse game) - personal high!

24457 page views from India

20799 page views from US

11508 page views referred by - referring site with the highest numbers!

1412 comments so far

124 page views directed to My Musings using the key search word "yuvika chaube" (Now, that makes me feel like a celebrity :P)

89 known followers on Blogger (And I am assuming there are others who read the blog directly through Google reader, RSS feeds, FB and Twitter links etc. :)) 

87% traffic from Windows users

44% traffic from Google Chrome

38 comments for a single post (High Five!) - personal high!

1% traffic from iPod users (not bad, huh?)

All these numbers set aside, thank you for being a part of My Musings. LIke I have said before, no joy like writing and no greater joy than writing and being read.



  1. Congrats and glad that I was also part of your journey in parts.

    More to come. Cheers!

    Joy always,

  2. COngratulations and WOW 5 years of blogging .. excellent and the oh my god moment was reading about the number of hits to one single post , OH BOY awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    All the best Yuvika and here's wishing many more double centuries to come and years and yearssssssssssssss of blogging ..


    1. Thanks a lot Bikram!!! and yeah that single post count was surprising! here's to many more years of blogging together!

  3. Congratulations, Yuvika. 5th year into blogging, this is really big time!!! You need to celebrate :)

  4. Congratulations!
    Are you going for records!
    Just keep on blogging and enjoy it.

  5. thank you and no, i dont blog for records :)

  6. congrats n keep writing.. its truly inspiring.. :))


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