Friday, August 10, 2012

Toddlers and Tiaras

Toddlers and american reality show that follows the world of child beauty pageants. 

This is exactly the stuff that makes me sick through and through. I spoke about negative body image and the acute consciousness of "physical beauty" in youngsters these days in my recent post here

What do you feel about this very "popular" show on national television that is now in its fifth successful season? 
Babies as old as 3 participate in beauty pageants and each episode documents the journey of the preparation. The toddlers are taught how to pose (including the pout and the cat walk), wear weird adult like costumes (forget plunging necklines and backless gowns - they go all the way to copy Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman and Beyonce in her negligees), put make up on (complete with false eye lashes and spray tans), do their hair (sprays, gels, wigs) and finally be confident on stage (this is ensured by giving them energy drinks such as Red Bull etc.). 
The end product: Miniatures of the adult modelling world who look plastic, frozen, and, apologies for sounding harsh, plain disgusting. 

Who's to blame: Ofcourse, the parents! One can't help but notice that the parents are the ones dying for the limelight, that fleeting moment of glory; that grandeur and life they could never lead, which they now want to live through their babies. They make outrageous claims such as 'it is the child's heartfelt desire to be here' (yeah right, at 3, she understand the glamour world so well), or even worse still, 'my daughter's favorite toy  is a dilapidated puppet in a wheelchair because she is genuinely empathetic to special children/people' (all this while the poor girl is looking around wide-eyed, understanding nothing and weighed down by the pounds of make up and other paraphernalia on her). 

Seriously, what are the Child Protection services doing? They say you can't hit your child but you can put her through all this trauma and emotional harassment? Isn't this child abuse?

My heart goes out to those miserable little ones who are paying the price of having foolish selfish beings for parents. In an age where kids are potty trained, they are forced to walk the ramp and wave out to the crowds and be their cheerful best even if their diapers are soaking wet! The kids can't even cut their own nails, but have elaborate pedicure and manicure sessions planned before the d day! Before they learn their letters and numbers, they should learn success and failure based on physical aspects! We sexualize them to the degree of fake breasts at the age of four, their lives replete with scandalous media stories and gossip already, and then we hope to bring up confident young women who will be the leaders of the future!

Why are we making barbies out of our babies? Do we really need tiaras on our toddlers to validate their essence, beauty and existence? Do we no longer need children - just miniature adults with hollow insides, who will grow up to be even more shallow copies of some evasive body image?

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  1. I remember watching a video with tom hanks playing the parent in a parody of this series. It is indeed disgusting. Find it weird that they allow such shows to be shot and screened in our living rooms (or anywhere else, for that matter)

    1. Exactly, wonder how its even allowed!

  2. Hi
    First time and I liked it.You have style.
    Just the other day I was watching Suri Cruz and her wardrobe,worth millions.Then me too, thought about those unfortunate children who die of starvation,across the world.
    This is an unjust world going crazy over money matters.

  3. totally disgusting and its the same people who go on and on about a child shud be this and that and yet they put them in so much pressure and all that at such a small age..

    Not at all happy with it ..


  4. wow! shows as weird as this air on TV ?..Wonder who watches them...

  5. wow! shows as weird as this air on TV ?..Wonder who watches them...

  6. Well, you have said it all. Disgusting is the word. I wonder what these sweet children will do when they grow up!

    Hope you are well and happy.

    Joy always,

    1. I really wonder too how these kids will turn up as adults! I am doing good Susan. Good to hear from you too!


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