Monday, January 16, 2012

Versatile Blogger: Nomination and Tag

Nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Aparna here. Thanks a lot! I wasn't sure the origins of it, so searched the Internet and found the Versatile Blogger Award site here. They have a blog roll of all the winners - which is periodically updated. Aparna, your nomination is well deserved and sound me out when you win it - All the best!

The nomination does not come easy. It has a set of rules and here I go...

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
Here are the fellow bloggers I nominate... (excluding bloggers who have already been nominated, I got only 10)
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
Consider this done - the minute I publish the post, will let the nominated bloggers know.

3. Add the Versatile Blogger award picture to your blog post. 
Here it is...

4. Share 7 random things about yourself.
Okay, let's see how random I can get...
  • Though I can't sing for nuts, for as long as I can remember I have fancied being a top-notch singer - I used to sing along with the tapes, with a magazine rolled up as a mike and pretend I was giving an Oscar-winning performance. I still do it when nobody is at home (and now with YouTube instead) :D.
  • My first career option ever as a kid was to join the army and fight at the borders. In the 80's, women were still not part of the Indian army; and when my parents told me that, I wanted to be an army doctor. (Until ofcourse I later realized I just don't have it in me to become any kind of a doc :()
  • The first job I ever "interviewed" for was for the position of a Management Trainee at the Taj Group of Hotels. This was when I was still in college.
  • I have carried dividers, compasses in my bags during the bus rides to and from college. I was in Delhi and it was almost a necessity to carry such equipment for self defense. I have used these and umbrellas, elbows, knees to hit so many men (ofcourse the guilty ones only), real bad, where it really hurts the most.
  • Till I was in my early 20s, the worst abuse I had ever used was "bitch". And if I called so it was someone that, it was understood that they really deserved it and infact much more! I couldn't bring myself to use to the more illustrious vocabulary that I seem to fluently mouth out these days! 
  • I have admired and been infatuated by various celebrities from different field over the years. However, I have always proudly proclaimed that I have never been so star-struck as to put up posters in my room EXCEPT for only once in all these years - I had Rahul Dravid's poster on my bedroom wall for exactly 10 days when I was in Grade 8.
  • Though not at all a sportsperson, I have tried my hand (literally only that much) at most sports - lawn tennis, badminton, javelin throw, short put, karate, long jump, golf, volley ball, basket ball, throw ball, even cricket, and what not - only to come to the conclusion that all these are too "rough" for my taste :P. The one sport I have "seriously" pursued, for say 2 years continuously in school, was Table Tennis :).

Wow! I actually enjoyed doing this post! Thanks Aparna, once again.

Over to you guys, now! 


  1. I like the random me thinking about things in my life...:)

  2. Congrats on the award. Well- deserved.

    Thanks dear Yuv. Though, I carefully preserve these awards in my Gratitude blog, I don't do the tags or any such thing.

    Joy always,

  3. Hey, that is so sweet of you to nominate me for the versatile blogger, though I am really not sure if I am really versatile. I blog only a handful of times a whole year..

    Anyway, do we have to register in that to nominate others? I know a few people who are really versatile and how do we know if they are already nominated or not? I saw the website and have still not got a hang of it..


  4. Congratulations on your nomination and Thanks for nominating me, *taking a bow*

    I like the random things part too, nominating 15 bloggers is tough, Will give it a try though.

    Thanks again.

  5. Thanks for nominating me. :)
    It is nice to read about you especially the last point. :)

    Congrats for the award! :)
    Best wishes. :)

  6. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. Congrats and Your blog deserves the prize :)

    so many points ..
    If i sing dec 2012 will come EARLY :)

    WOW army yesss mine toooo sadly was not good enough ...

    and Well done you for hitting those idiots .. bravo ..


  7. Thank you everybody for writing in!

    @Susan: no problem at all - i knew that you didn't do tags but had to nominate you for the award :)

    @Ram: No, you dont have to register at the versatile blogger site - they have a blog roll with the winners and not the nominees so I just that if you are not sure if somebody has been nominated or not, just go ahead and nominate!

  8. Thanks a bunch for the nomination. Was such a pleasant surprise! :) And congrats for your own; your musings deserve the award. I love reading your rants, and was really impressed by your culinary achievements.
    Can totally identify with the bus journeys in Delhi.... hv slapped and scratched a few specimens myself. Hopefully the next gen will see better days!

  9. Hurray!Versatile award nomination for the third time! Thank you so much and hearty congratulations to you!

    Interview for Taj Hotels. :P They came to our campus for recruitment too.

    Oh no curse words. I learning cycle is the exact opposite. I was picking up the wrong words too young till my sister zapped me out of it. Then the maturity showed. And now it is very difficult for me to curse.

    dividers, compasses?? High five girl! I had a small hand knife :d Buhahaha. Serious. No wonder my mom was worried.

    Nice to know a bit more about you! :)

  10. thrice nominated already - wow! triple congrats!

    and a high five to all the uncanny similarities :)

  11. interesting read! Its a shame on Delhi govt. that women have to carry odd things like compass for protection, what is their police doing?

    1. Oh nothing at all. You are on your own in that city!


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