Saturday, January 28, 2012

Frodo and Gimli say hi!

There are these two adorable beings who often stare at me, as I surf the Internet or watch TV. I wonder what they think of me. I, who, often talk to them non-stop and the poor guys can only hear, gape, pretend to be interested in my rambling if I am bringing some food along, or just turn their back on me and hide somewhere. Rarely do they show any genuine interest in the "other beings" in the house, like they are doing right now - gawking at us as Vish reads the news and I blog about "us".

I think, if they could talk, they'd be shouting out a 'HI' this very moment. They look like they'll swim right through the glass. Want to meet them? Here they are...

This is Frodo:

And, this is Gimli:

And though they share their address with us, this is their exact abode:

Yes, Frodo and Gimli are our beloved fan tail gold fish. They are roughly 8 months and 4 months old, respectively, and have been our companions for a while now. A little like their one owner, they love to sleep well and, like both their owners, they love to binge on food :). A little shy, they do warm up after a while!


  1. beautiful pics
    with the owners who love them so much i am sure they must be very happy in your presence.

  2. I love their names..

    I tried to keep goldfish but they kept dying on me and I realized that I had enough blood on my hands and gave up on having fish as a pet..

    So do let me know some tips on keeping them alive.. :(

  3. wow that looks like a beautiful colorful warm abode :)
    Hi Frodo
    Hi gimli


  4. Thank you Bikram and Sonia!

    @Sonia: we are still learning but one thing that is absolutely necessary is 30-40% water changer every week and regular water checks and monitoring - that has kept us sailing till now - let's see!

  5. Aha, this reminded me of home. We had fishes for many years till me and sister cried and swell our eyes after every pet fish died. Later we had a pair of turtles. One is still there with us. Turtles are more interactive than fishes. They make amazing pets! :)

    P.S: I love the names!

  6. We are just keeping our fingers crossed that we do good to them :). I have heard about turtles too - but don't know much about them - will do some reading around now....


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