Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And there is so much more of Murphy...

A long long time ago I did a post on how Murphy has a habit of ruining my life given the inherent perversity  of this seamless universe - you can read the post on my experiments with Murphy's laws here.
I would be surprised if the universal truths I had documented years ago were no longer good - but aren't there more shocks to life than surprises?

Here are a few more Murphy-isms I am being subjected to.
  • Just when the tea is about to boil over, will something more urgent distract my attention. It will be that very second I would have turned that there will be spilled tea all over the burner.
  • I will wait all week for the supposedly shipped Amazon order to arrive, but the USPS/Fedex guy will find precisely that moment when I am in the shower to knock at the door. I will then have to take his note to the leasing office and hopefully not the shipping center to pick up my package.
  • After a long hiatus, I'll somehow pull my lethargic self out to go the the gym and that very day the gym will be closed for maintenance activity.
  • The only day that I choose to go on a quick evening walk will Vish decide to come home early from work to give me a surprise, and end up being surprised at my absence.
  • I will wait all day for the maintenance guy from the leasing office to show up to fix the fused bulb and he will choose to arrive the only time in the whole month that I would have put a face pack. Out-of-season Halloween for the poor guy!
  • Right when it is the time to take out the dish from the oven, will my gloves mysteriously  go missing and completely out of sight - resulting in unnecessary chaos and distress.
  • After putting the clothes in the washer, I'll occupy myself with other chores in order to multitask only to forget till after a couple of hours that I haven't put them in the dryer yet.
  • And I think, this one's the worst - I'll rationalize with Vish how picking up a bar of Snickers at the checkout lane of Walmart/Target is not a bad idea - 140 calories for all the walking around seems reasonable. And lo, behold, the check out lane we chose does NOT have snickers on the panels. I mean, I seriously doubt, who controls our lives more God or Mr. Murphy?
How is your equation with Murphy?


  1. Loved all of them! esp the out-of-season halloween :))
    In my case substitute milk instead of tea in #1. Every single day!!! How does it happen???

  2. THe gym thing has happened with me a lot of times and i go at 6am in morning , it makes me madddddddddddddddddd...

    :) heres wishing 2012 has less of these events for you he he hehe ..


  3. @Aparna: yeah, thankfully no milk boiling here - one more disaster waiting to happen there - its actually ridiculous :)

    @Bikram: oh yes, and then everytime dont go to the gym I try to tell myself what if I had gone and it was closed :)

  4. ha! Loved all the points..And I could relate to almost half of the pints given..So, I guess..Mr. Murphy rules my life too more than God ..and ditto on the facepack and I have scared the poor guy many a times!

  5. :) thanks for stopping by! what wud us women do without Murphy :D

  6. Ha ha ha!! :P

    I know I know.. how these things happen. I have read similar posts on other blogs and now you too Yuvika :). Tells me I am not the only one with the mis-happenings. :d

    Strangely the smartest of the lot have the strangest of stories of goof-ups.

    Good day!! :)

    P.S: Because we talked abt movies once.. by any change have you watched 'Knowing'? Interesting.

  7. Hi Yuvika- You've been tagged :) Have a look at my latest post.

  8. Haha nice read! My usual one: the last place i search for something is invariable the place where I find it! :-D Even today I was searching for 1 key in a box full of nearly 100 key bunches, and know what? the very last bunch I try out is the one I need! This always happens to me :-D

  9. And Vandy was teaching me blogger gadgets over chat and she thought u are the most experianced - so ended up in your blog and read a lot of you entries that I had missed. Good job babe, enjoyed a lot of them!

    1. Thanks! Yes, don't get me started on keys - I wish they could beep like cell phones :D.
      On the widgets - I don't know a lot but quite a bit to sail thru - have tried and test quite a few - so let me know if you guys run into any specific troubles :)


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