Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Born in a free world

They told me I was born in a free world.
I wrote a book; they found the imagery offensive.
Those who did not read it were more offended.
They burnt it and then banned it.

They told me I was born in a free world.
I painted a canvas; they were deeply hurt.
The vivid colors made them livid, and
They were forced to burn my effigies.

They told me I was born in a free world.
I doodled caricatures that some found funny;
My house was pelted with stones because,
They proclaimed it was 'in bad taste'.

They told me I was born in a free world.
I made a movie on a disturbing yet true subject.
The mirror with one's own image does disturb;
They staged violence and chaos on the streets.

They told me I was born in a free world.
I blogged about the injustices around me.
Proofs to substantiate claims were asked for;
They blocked my IP and shut the site down.

They told me I was born in a free world.
What they did not tell me was that my
Freedom is censored based on what
They deem right and what they deem wrong.

They told me I was born in a free world.
I asserted my freedom of expression.
They showed me their moolah and their muscle,
And asserted their right to dissent.


  1. The concept of free world, free speech and free movement is vanishing.

    I can feel what you are trying to say here.

    BTW, your post remind me of that song 'Rocking in a Free World'.

  2. Oh yes .. the dream we have been living seems shattered when we woke up to the reality ..
    and so we thought we are free to live ..


  3. thanks AK and Bikram for writing in. Yes freedom is just an illusion!

  4. Each para left me with the name of a famous figure. Very smartly penned, the message is conveyed, no figures point specifically to any subject. But the indications loud and clear. Correct, you are not born in a free worlds- but look here you found way to say it all without rubbing the wrong notes.

  5. So well written !Loved it! Sad that we thought we were born in a free world ..Such an illusion we created for ourselves!

  6. Kavita, Howdy!
    Ya know, I have not felt that freedom-dearth of which I believe you have written--ever in my life. Exception: during WWII, when many necessities were rationed, and certain freedoms were curtailed in the national-public interest.

    If I don't fly...I can travel many thousands of miles. MANY, through lots of states of which some are bigger in area than many countries--WITHOUT EVER SHOWING MY ID. ON MY SCOOTER!

    Kav, I had written much more--like moral freedoms, religious freedom, freedom to 'occupy' large parts of major cities--and I deleted--aren't you lucky?--grin!

    If everyone agrees with you, I may be wrong--this is only MY experience...and there is much more!



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