Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Till we meet again!

I am out of Chennai starting Oct 1. Don’t ask me if this is a permanent move or how long I’ll be away. Frankly speaking, no clue! One thing that I am sure of is that nothing is permanent – so all those happy that Chennai will be a quieter and saner place in my absence, beware – you never know when you’ll have to eat your words. Meanwhile, keep glued (I so wish :)) to this space to know what I am doing with my life…

Chennai – A two and a half years of love and hate – and now that I look back, more love! 

For every aspect that I have disliked about Chennai – I have been blessed with a hundred reasons to like it. I have blogged, tweeted, facebook’ed a lot about what irks me about Chennai – the language problem, the infrastructure, the weather, the traffic jams, the early morning crackers on diwali etc etc. But you know what, I have thoroughly enjoyed my life in Chennai – and I do not say this to sound politically correct – I have just been exceptionally lucky to have met the right people at the right time!

Apart from the positive and pleasant home and family support (a special mention to my bro who painstakingly spent most weekends with me :)), the following have been my top 5 lifelines in Chennai:
  • The work colleagues who are friends first: Like I said I was plain lucky to have met the right people! Considering my social life outside of those I know at work and family was zilch, I was fortunate to have struck the right chord with some like-minded people at work who were extremely compatible with my craziness!  Ofcourse, fortunately I don’t leave them behind – the bonds are deep enough to only grow stronger.
  • Ericsson : For the professionally satisfaction and personal growth
  • Autorickshaws: This three-wheeled wonder ensured that I reached wherever I wanted – whenever I wanted.  Rain or sunshine – the most dependable mode of transport in Chennai (Yes, you spend all your energies haggling for the price and still end up paying much more than required – but oh well!)
  • Food: Eating out in Chennai is quite cheap compared to most metros. From the Murugun’s and Saravana Bhavan to the Italian and Chinese specialty restaurants to the five star buffets – Chennai can gratify any palate!
  • Shopping: Now this is a lifeline for any girl in any city. Chennai offers a range of shopping experience from Pondy Bazaar to Khader Nawaaz Khan Road to Spencer’s, City Center and Express Avenue, and if you have the visa (or mastercard) power, nothing can keep you down and low!
So here’s a toast to the good times, we will meet again because it is not only a very small world but a round one too! Cheers!


  1. In spite of not being a friend of yous in real life, I will miss you. First, atleast you were in the same city but now you are miles away.

    I will miss you at the Indibloggers meet.

    For the good times.
    For your health.

    Joy always,

  2. :) I will miss you blogging about the city- I literally saw Chennai through your eyes! Your bickering about the city and later the city pacifying you.. it resulted in a lot of good reads :D

    All the best as the new place awaits you! :)

  3. yes chennai does have its hit and miss aspects! even though i originate from here, ive only been living here for the past 2 yrs. its been more of a rollercoaster ride for me. too much ups and downs. i am surprised to hear that you find food here cheaper than most metro's. i had no idea. i used to live in the gulf and i found food cheaper and of more quantity over there.

  4. Os where you going to..
    All the best with the newthings .. I am sure you will meet some more good people and the friends you are leaving behind are jsut a call away or EMail away :)

    take care and Best of luck Once again ..


  5. Thank you so much guys for writing in!

    @Susan: Will miss hi-fiving u too at the meet :(.

    @Sameera: Thank you, and hopefully there'll be lots of things to crib about the new place too!

    @Shimmer: can't compare with the gulf as have no clue about the prices there - but compared to del, mum, yes!

    @Bikram: The desert beckons - Arizona...


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