Monday, October 17, 2011

The Desert Beckons...

Relocated to Phoenix/Arizona for the time being. Wrote a bit about the desert experience in my post here. However, visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make it a home involve two very very different perspectives, is what I have come to learn in the last couple of days...

Though the weariness of the unfairly long journey from India to the far west and the eternal battle with jet lag continue to make my days hazy still, I have begun to get a general sense of what I am going to like about this place and what not...

What is definitely a thumbs up...
The proximity to so many tourist destinations - doable drives, one-day trips, weekend getaways - I see them all coming. Even though I have had an overdose of California, the neighboring states of Colorado, Nevada and Utah seem very inviting - Arizona itself boasts of the many canyons, hiking strips and what else to do with 12 months of sunshine!

And what is going to be a constant "cribbing" point...
12 months of sunshine - searingly hot summers and luke warm winters :(. If you have known me well enough or have been following this blog long enough, you know I am not a Vitamin D person. But oh well! The consolation factor is thankfully there is no oppressive humidity. The atmosphere is rather dry, which works well with me - not taking into consideration the constant dusting I will have to do around the house. (I had forgotten the word "dusting" when we stayed in Chicago - one never heard of "dust" in an American city, no? :D)

...So much for the first impressions, let's see how we fare now....


  1. Is it dust or sand? :) That IS painful. Oh well, u'll learn to ignore it I guess :)
    The entire west coast is open to u!! I'm sure the travel is going to be great.

  2. :) Was hoping you will be shifting to some place like B'lore. :d

    Arizona.. hmm my cousin has been cribbing ever since she has gone there. She tried hard to relocate to California which is supposed to be much cooler and has a greater population of Indians but stayed back anyway.

    Looking forward for some posts on your travel around the place! :)

  3. First off, Congrats and now you are very far off from all of us :(

    Though new places bring new perspectives, I wonder about the year long sunshine. I'm also not quite a 'sun' person,' inspite of having sun in my name.

    Nevertheless, I wish you the very best of everything.

    Looking forward to your posts on Arizona and stuff inside and outside of it.

    Joy always,

  4. wanna swap with me , the weather in UK is so bad .. :)

    seems to be a good place but as you say living and visiting are two different things ...


  5. @Aparna: Actually it's coarser than dust and finer than sand :)

    @Sameera: it's all destiny ;)

    @Susan: Thank you so much - yes, let's hope the sun does not get inthe way of the writing.

    @Bikram: Are you kidding, any day I'd swap! That's like my dream weather!

  6. why not head to Montana whenever you need an escape from sun? its all white here almost all around year..:( keep writing :D

  7. @Jyoti: Montana sounds nice...will put it on my to-do :)

  8. I would rather tolerate the heat rather than the cold!
    Only a couple of hours back I visited the warehouse of my client which specialises in delivering packed food. One of the sections in the warehouse stored frozen food and the temperature was maintained at -10 F!!! Just ran out of there.
    The other places werent too soothing as well. They were at 30 F. No way, not cold!



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