Thursday, October 27, 2011

Editor's Choice @

Got this mail in my inbox today:

"Dear  Yuvika,
We the Team BlogJunta are pleased to inform you that one of your posts has been selected as one of the picks for BlogJunta Editor's Choice. Congratulations! 
We enjoyed reading your posts and are sure everyone who reads it will love them too. Keep dishing out such wonderful posts and we'll keep picking your posts for Editor's choice..."

I clicked the link and noticed that a number of posts had made their way to the Editor's Choice - However, that does not diminish my delight - awards are awards, after all. Thank you and congratulations to all fellow bloggers!

The post that was picked was my latest one: Sleepless (:D) in Seattle.

So the badge that comes with the recognition is as follows, and shall now be proudly displayed on my side bar.

What an encouraging start to the day! Cheers!


  1. congratulations!!!!!!!read ur post too...sleepless one..pretty good.....:-) keep posting...

  2. yay!! Congrats..very well deserved:D

  3. Thank you so much Rahul and Jyoti!

  4. Yay!!! Congrats..! :D :D

    I got a similar mail for poem "Uncertainties". When I was redirected I spotted your name in the list. And Chitan's name too :D

  5. I saw ur name up there too! So congratulations to u too :)

  6. Yup! If I had awards to give away, you'd be at the top of my list. Congratulations!

  7. That's such a kind thing to say Steve! Thank you!

  8. Congrats Yuvi.. I am ready for a treat.. :)


  9. thank u , and one should always be expectant of treats - it's a good way to live :D


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