Monday, October 24, 2011

Sleepless (:D) in Seattle

(P.S. Don't snicker at the done to death, highly 'filmy' title - humor me pls :))

Spent a weekend at the emerald city of Seattle. A very welcomed change from the tough, arid topography of Arizona. As the plane descended over Seattle, the sight of green pines and cedars across the low lying hills made a picturesque sight.

In keeping with its notorious reputation of being cold and wet, we were greeted by light rains at 9 degrees (C). All through the two days, the clouds bullied the sun into submission, every time it peeked in, daring to play hide and seek. It is no surprise then that the Twilight series is set in the state of Washington (Forks). Though Forks did not form a part of our short itinerary, I was constantly in the look out for speeding (good looking) vampires and the likes, much to my disappointment...

We did the standard touristy stuff - the famous Space Needle, Seattle Center, Downtown, Pike Market, Experience Music Project (Paul Allen's museum), the waterfront, and ofcourse the tourists-must-do duck ride - which takes you on land and on water, with the guide giving you a lot of information on the history and geography of the place. 

The Lake Union boasts of a number of boat houses and floating houses that could cost you anything above a million dollars, if you wished to buy. Any one leaving an inheritance behind, please remember me and this wish of mine. Would love to have a beautifully done up boathouse, with elegant furniture - wake up in the morning to the gentle lapping of the water - bliss! One of my dream holiday homes :P.

A non-caffeine person like me showed little delight at the first ever Starbucks. Infact, I find it embarrassing to enter a Starbucks - not a person to enjoy coffees or teas or lattes, I end up ordering a hot chocolate, which shows up on their kids' menu :(. But if you are a coffee person, Seattle would be heaven for you - there's a Starbucks, Seattle's Best Coffee and Tully's outlet almost everywhere!

What made our trip even more scenic and memorable was the changing color of leaves thanks to the onset of fall (my love for the fall eulogized here).

Here are some pics from the city...

Aerial view of Seattle downtown 

Seattle harbor 

At the Experience Music Project (the image is 90 degrees inverted) 

The Space Needle

The Pike Market

The lovely autumn hues

The boathouses you would want to buy me

Fremont bridge as viewed from the Seattle waterfront 


  1. The title got me. I loved that movie. :P

    Lovely clicks. A good start to the travel posts from Arizona. :)

    I personally loved the Autumn Hues pics.

  2. :O btw I just realized..I didn't recognize you in the new image.

  3. @ Jyoti: oh that's nice to know!

    @Sameera: yep, hoping i get to travel some more :) and the old pic was more than 2 years old -so thought shud update it :)

  4. Excellent photos, and a grand tour, without leaving my computer desk.I've missed being here Yuvika. Must have just run out of time--wanting to do everything, ya know? Be everywhere!

    (Let's not be strangers!)

  5. Thank you Steve for taking the time out to visit and write in!

  6. The ariel view of Seattle was just wonderful.
    Was it taken from the flight?

    For Starbucks, the same is the case with NY as well. You can see a Starbuck in every corner of the city!


  7. That's taken from the space needle...

  8. Nice one Yuvika, I live in this gloomy old town :)


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