Sunday, July 3, 2011

WTF Series: Episode 03: Stud Farm

Just when I thought that the reality TV scene in India had plummeted to the abysmal nadirs of the entertainment experience, the idiot box barfs another unmatched gem!
UTV Bindass launches a brand new reality show - Super Stud - to find the first super stud of India - believe me it is an impossible task because all the 13 contestants are more like burros - but then that's not the point I am making here.

So my peaceful Sunday TV surfing brought me to this show (yes I had nothing better to do on a Sunday evening) - the host of the show and a bunch of skimpily clad, mostly dumb women (apologize the judgmental tone to this, but I swear your opinion wouldn't have differed either) were oohing and aahing as the 13 hand picked studs were introduced one by one.

Every single guy who introduced himself prided in the number of girl friends he has had and the number of girl friends he has dated simultaneously - These are 20-somethings with wannabe six packs, hardly a qualification up their sleeves, no clear ambition, absolutely no innate talent (except that of making a fool of themselves), and a bloated sense of their masculinity, even if they figure pretty low on the good looking index. If you are interested in numbers - one guy boasted how he has had 900 girl friends and another how he dated 15 at a time!

Aah, the stone age is back - a guy's virility is proven with the number of women he can keep up with! Wow! On national TV, this is what we get and this is what we apparently endorse, and the most pissing off was the fact that all the women just awwwed (in appreciation)! I wonder if not a single one of them felt that it was derogatory and humiliating to be in a "stud farm" where the horse's, oops sorry, the donkey's mating prowess decides his hunk factor.
Not one of the guys thought he could be manly enough to say he has never had a girl friend cos for his face he couldn't get one! Or that he was shit scared of being caught and therefore never dated more than one at a time - or (and I am really trying my luck here) that I respect women and therefore have a girl friend whom I have never two-timed!

Seriously, WTF!


  1. Yup its kinda sad wat the youngsters are trying to endorse today...they have no goals or ambitions, rather they are busy proving themselves as rebels,just not knowing what they wanna rebel about...WTF truly

  2. All these shows - Splitsvilla, Truth+Love+Cash, Perfect Couple, are all the same; filled with dumb 20 somethings who think that they're God's gift to mankind...!

  3. @I.B. : rebel without causes, truly!

    @Sudha: and woman kind ;)

  4. Okay I am an 18 year old person and I have to say this that most of my friends and others I meet of my age only crack jokes about such crappy shows. UTV Bindass sucks. They show utter crap! the ideas they come up with regarding shows come out of the head of a 50 year old person who claims to know what the youth of today likes. You'd generally find wannabes and people who seek 15 minutes of glory as contestants on such shows.They are often scripted. Though I'd have to say that MTV and channel V are somewhat better in their format of shows and do end up having some fun and intelligent "tasks". Their shows are still watchable if you want to pass of your time But please UTV Bindass actually compels you to say wtf! I'd watch Starworld or discovery any day over such channels.


  5. Agree with you Nikhil! Thanks for writing in.


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