Thursday, July 21, 2011

Corvus splendens' Combat!

Absolutely a first for me! Two crows beating the crap out of the third.

I am sure the cause of the brawl must have been really grave to have incited such ire - I swear it was damn scary - there was heavy duty beak poking and wings flying all over.

Interestingly the the rest of the crow fraternity was enjoying the action, at a safe distance, from different trees.

Though I did what I usually do best in cases of street fights of any species - that is, scuttle for safety - I couldn't help but feel amused at the so many parallels between us humans and the common crows. I am listing down some here, feel free to add on...

- For starters, both crows and human beings are essentially noisy species - The cacophony of the kaaa kaaa is as irritating as the ruckus created by most people in any public place!

- Then ofcourse, this fighting on the streets, without trying to sit across the table (urr, or tree) and resolving issues amicably...

- The most striking one - not trying to help when you see trouble - watch from a safe distance, and bet on who's going to win.

- Quite significantly (and I swear I am not inspired by Delhi Belly here) - shit anywhere and everywhere!

- To generally sum up both species don't seem to care a damn about the comfort of those who happen to unfortunately exist around them...
...Not to mention that crows and human beings have the uncanny ability to survive just about anywhere and under the trashiest of circumstances!

I am done with my share, over to you now...

[Image source: Google images (You didn't expect me to have the presence of mind to take out my phone and steal a pic, did yaa!]


  1. Liked this one, Yuv. A different kind of a post from you. The ka ka ka is definitely annoying during early mornings when all that one wants is calm and peace.

    Hope you've been well.

    Joy always,

  2. Thank you Susan. Good to hear from you!

  3. However crows unlike humans are punctual, caring for the young, hospitable as they tolerate eggs laid in their nests by parasitic birds and bring up their young, comradeship as they roost on one common tree, socially responsible having funeral rituals where they all gather. There are many qualities that are superior to humans in these very intelligent birds.
    Gamini Weerasinghe

  4. From what I have heard when a cow is abt to die or can't fend for itself due to old age or wounds, the other crows kinda kill it. That's how it works, it seems!!


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