Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7 Minutes

The piquant sacchariferous reek of jasmine flowers
The clamor of the vegetable hawkers and the fruit sellers
The dogs and human beings competing for the same stretch of space
The rush of the sea of commuters rising and ebbing in waves
The undecipherable announcements on the screechy microphone
The shriek of the siren and the halting breaks
The cacophony of women exchanging notes on food and family
The drooping backs under the heavily loaded school bags
The grey ash smeared foreheads
The long never ending queues at dirty windows
The red, yellow, black and blue lunch satchels
The hand-bags clutched close to the bodies
The constant elbowing to find one’s way
The stepping on the other’s toe without an apology
The stinking perspiration of the Indian summer heat
The family of four tip-toeing on the lesser used distant tracks
The wannabe heroes hanging on the foot boards
The wandering flirtatious glance of the guy with the ID tag
The indulgent smile by the salt and pepper haired gentleman
The neighbor’s humming to the latest hit on his ipod
The low-toned mushy romantic tête-à-tête on cell phones
The dexterously fast-paced texting fingers
The assembly of the men with white walking sticks
The folded creases of the morning newspaper
The rattling of the bowls for alms

The wind in your hair, the dust in your face, the urgency in your step…
…The seven most crowded and happening minutes!


I appreciate you taking out the time to share your valuable opinions! They mean a lot!


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