Thursday, July 7, 2011


A broken butterfly wing
A creaking old swing

A moth half alive
A smoked bee-hive

A dirty lazy snail
A sluggish wet trail

A slippery chameleon
A stray dog so forlorn

A new-born birdie’s chirping
A temple bell’s tinkling

A pair of laces tied wrong
A melodious old song

A whiff of fresh air
A pervert’s creepy stare

A love struck couple
A graying man’s mumble

A lady offering prayers to god
A bright pink ipod

A beautiful virgin morning
And these my companions when I’m walking.


  1. I love the rhythm. Its very witty..

  2. If I have already told this- I repeat myself," You need to write more poems" :)

    Lovely... love the mornings!:D Wish you a happy weekend.

  3. Alone yet not alone. Wish you many more such lovely mornings :)

  4. @Sameera: Thanks, and i am taking inspiration from u :)

    @Sh@s: thanks!


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