Friday, July 25, 2014

5-Day Happiness Challenge: DAY 1

I was tagged by a friend on Facebook for a 5-Day Happiness Challenge. For 5 days, every day, I have to post three things that I am grateful for or happy for. Have decided to take this on my blog here rather than on FB...So here goes...

Today is Day 1 and I am happy and grateful for the following:

1. Internet phones and other such calling/video calling technology such as VoIP, Skype, Hangout etc. that help me keep in touch with loved ones back home as often as I want and whenever I want. Staying some trillion miles away from home and family, I sure can't imagine a time when these were not available!

2. Icecream in the freezer! One mood lifter icecream is - anytime of the day, any day of the year. My bowl usually boasts of a medley of cookie and pie dough, lots of nuts, crunchy biscuits and brownies and chocolates, fruits, - you name it, it's there!

3. A tiny little sweet smelling being who after a long day tries to cuddle as close as possible while trying to get some much needed sleep :).

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