Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello from The Rose City!

We moved! Yet again! And even with all the craziness associated with a cross country move all the way from the east coast to the west - new beginnings are always welcome!

Portland is a beautiful city, no doubt about that. We have been here for a week now and all these cedar and pine trees with hilly terrain everywhere and the balmy breeze with the bright sunshine (did I say sunshine - well yes - we are still to witness the characteristic gloomy weather of Portland!) remind me of my hometown in Uttaranachal India - similar topography and climate BUT no comparison in terms of infrastructure, resources and comfort - that is a :) and a :(. 

We have not yet settled into a routine - the cooking, eating, sleeping schedules, especially for the little one, are all over the place. And we are still to call a place home - temporary acco is just that - temporary. But, what we have managed in just about a week's stay is visit to two landmarks - the Oregon zoo which is supposed to be one of the best in the country (though we were not very impressed - on a weekend afternoon there were lots of people and hardly any animals - M ofcourse was elated to spot elephants, gifaafe (giraffe for her), hippo, monkeys and lots of birds). The other place is called Mt. Tabor - an extinct volcano - a fun place with a playground and hiking trails. 

It looks like we will have lots of options for recreation and within reasonable driving distances!

So far so good, I say. Let's see how this fairs out!


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    1. Oh my god! look who is here! Have missed your blog and your visits! what's happening?


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