Monday, February 13, 2012

WTF Series: Episode 06: Vote Bank Considerations vs. Indian Culture on Valentine's Day

So, is the air heavy with rose scents enveloping you; does your wallet feel a tad bit lighter with the price of love paid; and is every living and non-living object painted pink and red yet?

No, no, don't get carried away with that hopeless sarcasm of mine. I love Valentine's day - the rush of the cupid hormone and going out of the way to make it special for you and your loved one - I will do it. I don't mind the gifts and the attention, who would?

But, you know what is the most interesting aspect of Valentine's Day in India? It is the clash of cultures. The love sick puppies versus the saffron brigade. Remember the pink chaddi campaign and the hug karo-pub bharo andolans started a couple of years back?
If you live in a state with these right wing extremists, forget going out on a date, you can't even be caught with your own sister or cousin! Lest, the saffron activists get your married or hand you over to the cops!

This has all been a recent phenomenon - the advertising of the commercial aspect of love that is glamorous and exciting (and expensive) by retail giants - you know, "if you love someone, tell them" (but with an Archies card, diamond ring, designer dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, and a candlelight dinner at Taj)...and the ridiculous protests by the RSS, Shiv Sena and other self appointed guardians of Indian culture. Both of them going stronger with every passing year! How stupid and dumb these so called assaults on "western culture" and preserving our tradition are, is obvious - however, what is not obvious if the frivolity and hypocrisy of their own beliefs and claims.

If certain media reports can be believed, this year will see a change. Given the context of impending elections in some states, certain right-wing activists, including Shiv Sena, MNS have decided to go easy on couples this 14th of February. Infact, not only have they decided to not disrupt V-day celebrations but also charm the voters by encouraging free spirit. See, this is the greatness of the largest democracy in the world - not even the "Indian culture" can come in the way of "Indian politics". 

Aaah, do I see a sigh of relief and a beaming pair of eyes - all set to cuddle up with your beloved in the park - hang on! If your state does not have elections coming up - you'd want to be more careful. VHP has sent out letters to pubs, bars, colleges etc. asking them not to encourage "vulgarity" and "immoral behavior" on the14th, which means - you cannot hold hands, hug, dance, drink, eat or indulge in any kind of contact with the opposite sex on V-day.
Wait, did you just say it was your sovereign right to freedom of speech and expression - yeah okay, but not on Valentines Day. We are purer-than-thou Indians; so, no, thank you, please. Remember, our culture teaches us that women are goddesses - they can't be fooled around with on the pretext of the holiness of St. Valentine!

Seriously, WTF.


  1. Money is LOVE simple .. its no more that priceless emotion we can buy LOVE now ..
    and politicla parties well what can i say about them I am sure you already know my views on what i think of the political people .. they are end of the day the SAME and belong to same category ..

    1. I agree - so much hypocrisy is almost killing!


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