Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Official - The Break Up!

Yes, I am making this public knowledge now. We are over. The Cullens and I, that is. That we did not have a future together was evident from the beginning, but we would part ways so suddenly, is alas god's will.

After going ga-ga over the white faced, well mannered, animal-blood sucking angels in my blog posts here and here, and having sincerely read the Stephenie Meyer's books and diligently followed the movie series, Breaking Dawn - Part 1 comes like a hard-hitting slap on the face! 

First, it is incredibly slow-paced - both parts could have been made into a crisp 2-hour movie, and I bet my life, it would have done better. There's hardly any content in the movie - now c'mon, don't scoff at me that I went to a Twilight movie for content - but there has to be something happening, right? 

I would have consoled myself a little had they given Edward and Bella more screen space, but no! This one's dedicated to close shots of the growing pregnant belly, ultrasounds, scans, molecular movement, ingestion of RBCs, blood all over - in the body, in the veins, in the hands, in the cup, on the baby, on the floor - one bloody boring fest - quite literally!

And yes, none of the cast are great actors but it seemed they were dull and bored too - except for a few wise cracks here and there, primarily by Jacob's character, there is hardly any real conversation. 

So, while I yawned and aarghed my time through Breaking Dawn, I could already hear the "last laughs" of all those who hadn't fallen for the gentlemanly immortals in the first place, and had made their opinions aptly clear to me. Cheers to you - seems like I am one of those who learn only by mistakes :D.

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  1. HAHA! I read your post on how u adored Edward sometime back and then I wished that I had written that post.I watched first day, first show of previous two movies but for this one, I was done with the trailer...Guess we are over too :p

  2. Ha ha .. I was never a Twilight fan...! :)

    I am laughing. :D

  3. I seriously hoped they will do justice to the book atleast in the last part! U burst my ballon Yuvika :(

  4. Twilight... I can't understand the damn thing....

  5. @Jyoti: welcome to the heartbroken club ;)

    @Sameera: ok, ok, this one's for u :)

    @Vallabhee: It was such a big disappointment :( :(

    @AKUM: Believe me you are so lucky!

  6. Lol, really I just want them to do justice with book.

    You have a nice blog :)

  7. Alas! They haven't!

    Thank you for your appreciation and stopping by!

  8. Oooh u just stole words from my mind... This is the exact same points that came to my mind when I watched the movie yesterday, All the expectations I had abt the movie is Gone in the wind n yep Agreed that Part 1 and 2 was not needed @ all..
    Yep all the actors looked Bored to death especially the cullens n OMG the Actress looked really really tired of acting and Tadaaaaa she opened her eyes @ the end...

    Glad I did not waste money watching it in a theatre!!
    Good review, nicely written!!

  9. Except for Twilight movie, rest all the movies had missed some interesting stuff, which could be enjoyed only by reading the book. I had low expectations for the breaking dawn movie, and so wen i watched it, i wasnt greatly disappointed. I liked it.. :)))) but ofcourse, i agree tat the director cud ve done better. especially those scenes in which bella is made to drink the blood juice, i expected so much of reactions n struggles on her face, but tat wasnt upto the mark. But Jake's had made his part gud. Overall, I liked the movies, yet no better than the books. :))

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  11. The miserable thing happened is i had shed my blood to watch this vampire movie, as i was injured due to stamping by high-heeled foot. :(( And i was so involved, suddenly i had a reflex that my blood may be inviting some vampires.. !!! lol..

  12. @Deepsi: Thank you - I am glad you like the review - I wish the move was likable!

    @Lavs: Thank you for writing in- you are right abt the books being better and feeling bad about your blood shed ... hope you are better now!


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