Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter is here!

The sun’s in a hurry these days
There’s barely time for leisurely hellos
And warm, gentle good byes

The mittens are out, and so are
All the snuggly woolens forced to
Wake up from their long slumber.

Evening tea with warm brownies
And wine with roasted peanuts n cashews
Preferably, over cozy bonfires…

The leaves have begun to fall
And the birds are migrating
Summer clothes shall soon hibernate

Foggy breaths and the festive cheer
Early Christmas lights and decorations galore
Yep, looks like Winter is finally here!


  1. I've been trying to match your words with the tune "Few of my Favorite things". That's what you reminded me of

    It just won't work...but your lines are stand-alone descriptive beauties!

  2. Thank you, your appreciation means a lot! Happy Holidays!

  3. Now you painted a lovely little picture and left me with a cozy woolen wrapped winter feeling :)

    Ah! Happy Winters I say! :D

    Adding a thing to your to do list: MAKE A SNOWMAN and post a pic. :]

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sadly it doesn;t really snow in this part - but that is up there on my to do :)

  6. The onset of winter has been beautifully penned! I too wrote on the subject last week in my blog! Nice coincidence!

  7. Thank u Rahul! Winter seems the subject of the season :)

  8. thanks for this post. was planning to c I think I will watch it online when & if I get time

  9. whoops posted the comment in the wrong section. The above comment was supposed to go under the "twilight" post :D

  10. no problem! yep catching it online wud be a much better idea!


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