Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The yardstick for FB addiction...

...just went up a couple of notches :P!

I am fairly square and straight when it comes to talking about my affection (read addiction) for social networking sites, especially, Facebook. I am hooked on to it irreparably and have no qualms about it.
It is rare to find people who are as active or more active than me ... And believe me, I am not ashamed about it, though I do flash my sheepish grin when friends and family go out of their way to point out my hyper active status on FB!

However, it seems, I do have competition. Recently, I was thrilled to come across two dogs' profiles on FB...yes you heard that right!
So there's somebody I know who owns two dogs and each of them have their own profiles. The relationship status reads married (yep, the two dogs are apparently tied in holy matrimony) and they have their respective profile pics, friend lists, etc...
My hubby's first reaction was CRAZY! My first reaction was SUPER CUTE!

I have seen parents who are quick to create FB profiles for their new borns and children (and I will reserve my comment on that), then why leave pets who are such an integral part of your family?

Now c'mon, don't do the "utilitarian" argument with me...just sit back and "awwww...." at it... :D


  1. lol! FB profile for pets.. just in line with the post.. you should check this link-


  2. awwww...

    so much for FB addiction. I am not far behind anyways.. :P


  3. @Sameera: omg, thanks for sharing the link - so there's a whole new "fuzzy" world there :)

    @Ram: long live FB :)

  4. FB addiction.. count me in :)


  5. Count me when it comes to FB addiction. I check my profile alteast 10 times a day apart from normal working hours.

  6. @Sukanya and Aastha: Here's a toast to FB :)

  7. More than six months have passed.. Could I just get to know what exactly is my crime?

  8. Nahiiii...Yuvika I can't awww... at it.. It is way crazier than I could ever thing.. Anyways, if someone feels happy in doing so, so be it.. :)


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