Sunday, January 2, 2011

If this is any indication…

No, am not really superstitious but don’t they generally say well begun is half done?!?

Now, not that I have an ambitious list of new year resolutions – mine remains little changed year on year (and here it is for posterity) – but I’d rather have the “firsts” of the new year spent well as a good omen for times to come…However, how do I deny destiny its self-assumed right to come in my way :D?

So here is the list of things already gone wrong in 2011:
  • My first meal of 2011 consisted of a comforting quantity of chocolate – snickers to be precise! Cutting down on carbs and staying in shape has been my resolution every year since teenage! Alas!
  • I decided to cook for hubby and myself on the first day of the year. If that does not sound disastrous enough…I burnt the pressure cooker so badly. The only positive I see in this is I was able to do some damage control and most of the biryani could be salvaged from total burn down – and I learnt a new kitchen tip – soaking the burnt cooker in baking soda and hot water overnight removes the black residue completely!
  • Containing avarice could have been on my wish list had I not gone shopping on the very first weekend and reduced my bank balance by a considerable margin.
  • Let’s come to the first working day for the year – I reach office late because the PM decides to travel the same route as mine around the same time as I do.
  • As if reaching office late on a day I wanted to leave early is not reason enough to make me feel guilty, I have to approach my manager for 3 days’ leave this week!
  • And did I mention that I forgot my ID card at home today!

Phew! Compare this to the rather placid new year beginnings I have had in the previous years. I wonder what kind of a roller coaster 2011 is going to be!

Leaving with you a new year greeting that has remained very close to my heart...

“How beautiful the turning of the year!
A moment artificial yet profound:
Point upon an arbitrary chart
Passing like a breath upon the heart,
Yearning with anticipation wound,
New hope new harbored in old-fashioned cheer.
Even when the boundary line is clear,
We recognize the oneness of the ground.
Years, like circles, do not end or start
Except we lay across their truth our art,
Adjusting dates as they go round and round
Revolving to a tune long sung and dear.”

Happy New Year folks!


  1. hehhehee... but i guess this is something which u must be experiencing every day or may be most of the days ..isn't?:D..I guess this way like will be cool and beautiful for you and u will come across better changes:)

  2. hai yuvika, thanks for the lovely msg!!!happy new year to u too :)

  3. lol! Looks like you have finished all the bad that could happen for this year so all good things will line up for you from now on. ;) [ Another way to look at it)

    A very Happy, joyous and cheerful New Year to you!

  4. lol....a gr8 beginning indeed...WEll all the best for the remaining 364 days..Happy new year...

  5. Happy New Yr ....a luvly start...don wrry..ths yr s going to b a wonderful one...:))

  6. @Anamika: i am hoping for the same!

    @Indianmakeupways: thank u dear!

    @Sameera: now that's being really optimistic :). Thanks and wishin you a very happy new year too!

    @Niraj: Thank you!

    @Hasna: Thank you so much. A very happy new year to you too!

  7. Love your space. Nice musings

  8. Hey,

    Good luck and happy new year 2011!!God Bless!!:)



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