Thursday, January 13, 2011

No longer young?

Numbers have a way to unnerve the placid quietude that one might hope for as life progresses...

... Concepts of weight, age, and the related associations are baseless and arbitrary I often console myself. Remember 18 til I die?

However, it is a mean and nasty world that we live in. I caught this No Marks (a brand of cosmetics that boasts of Ayurvedic formulations for diverse usage) commercial on TV and was thoroughly pissed off!
The "geniuses" have launched a new range of face washes that are categorized as follows:
- For teens
- For youth
- For 25+

So 25+ is no longer young? Ouch. Somebody convince me I am reading too much into this ad. Am hurting real bad.

Here, check out the commercial yourself. I am, for sure, never going to use No Marks face wash and I don't care if you dismiss me as being petty. Hummpphh...


  1. Ahhh... how mean .... 25+ sounds very old in that Ad!!! But nevermind, ignore them yuvika. Numbers dont matter!! It totally matters how the mind thinks and the body acts!! So We all are still young and bubbling !!! :)


  2. Ha ha ha.. advertisers are jobless. If they can show a girl using a fairness cream get a job and boost her self-esteem. Making 25+sound old is something expected..
    Anyway.. I am with you girl trash their product- it has got its customers wrong! ;)

    Sukanya & Yuvika- I can vouch for that.. you both are excellent and energetic young women. Now..whatever age means!

  3. @Sukanya: Cheers indeed!

    @Sameera: Thank you so much...that's a huge booster :)

  4. hey yuvika u still look like u are in ur teens... numbers dont matter!!!!

  5. Dont get so worked up. This is just an add. Age depends on your mind.. :)


  6. @Enigma: Wohoo that's a huge compliment...

    @Ram: I console myself with that :)


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