Thursday, December 2, 2010

The call of the wild…

(2010 could easily qualify as “the year of the travelogues” for me…have made so many trips this year - and no, I am not complaining!)

This weekend it was the call of the wild –a safari adventure to the lush greens of Mudumalai (in Tamil Nadu) and around.

A lot of firsts this time around too…And here they are…

Tree Houses!
Yep, we actually got to stay in a tree house – a bamboo structure on stilts on top of a tree – a little rickety but the highlight was the visit by a monkey through the window. No amount of shrieking and shooing could deter it from keeping away!

Here’s the tree house we stayed in…

We crossed a river stream on a cable while being attached to a free moving pulley. I felt a little scared in the beginning – the moment when you have to just let go – that primal fear of not having any support to cling on – but after all the cajoling and cheering from everybody I did let go, and lo behold – suspended mid-air is so much fun!

Managed posing “up in the air”…

Jumaring is a basic rock climbing technique wherein you use ascenders on a rope to climb. At our resort, a rope was suspended from a tree and we had to climb to the top. This activity required immense physical exertion. I realized that pulling your body up is the most difficult thing ever. My fore-arms and shoulders have been aching for days together since then. The free-fall after reaching the top was as thrilling as any roller-coaster ride.

We also did the wild life safari but it wasn’t too great. We got to see:
  • Peacocks…

  • Langurs…(check out the dude’s expressive eyes)

  • Monkeys…(cute yet dangerous)

  • A lone wild tusker (elephant)…

  • Bisons (from really far off)…

  • An immensely adorable tree squirrel…

  • And of course the spotted beauties (deer)…

P.S. No tigers (Mudumalai has a count of 86 tigers) and no huge herds of elephants :(.


  1. Great going girl! Awesome stuff. :D
    Someday I'll need all details of these palaces from you. In fact the faster you can send the better. Because we are in the planning phase for a super adventure trip.

  2. :) It's best and easiest to go to these places in groups and employ the services of professional organizers such as Thrillophillia and the likes - they do a good job of organizing everything!

  3. Okay. Thanks. Will take a look at it.

  4. Amazing place yuvika...travelling always makes us smile one or the other the way langur pic was well taken indeed...

  5. Yuvika...seems to me like you are "Ms Unconventionalism" in this really interesting post. That langur photo is perfect examples of a "man in a Monkey Suit"

    Happily, I stopped here today

  6. @Niraj: Thanks! I cudn;t agree more! The langur pic was taken by a colleague using his DSLR!

    @Carlo: Thanks for stopping by! I am rarely not conventional and you are right this is one of those few rare instances. I concur on your comment on the langur :)


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