Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At the shore…

Spent a rainy Saturday sight seeing locally :).

Two years in Chennai and this was my first trip ever to Mahabalipuram, popularly abbreviated as Mahabs!
A pleasant early morning drive on ECR (which is also promoted as the Entertainment corridor with a series of theme parks, beaches, resorts and boat houses) to Mahabalipuram/ Mammallapuram, leaving the noise and pollution of the buzzing city behind, is such a relief.

The sea that welcomed us at the Shore Temple was quite boisterous…I love the sight of waves crashing on rocks…

The exquisite Dravidian architecture of the temple is an absolute WOW! What was hilarious ofcourse was the entry fee – Rs 10 for Indians and Rs 250 for Non-Indians!
It’s a pity that this wonderful structure is getting ruined/eroded because of the continuous sea breeze and nothing really is being done to preserve it…

The cyclonic torrential downpour during the day did nothing to deter our crazy spirits. Inspite of the incessant rains, we were able to complete the tour of the temples, the pancha rathas (five chariots), the caves, Krishna’s butter ball, Descent of the Ganges and Arjuna’s penance - Each beautifully and intricately carved sculpture reminiscent of the grandeur of Pallava art.

After lunch at Moon Rakers (a non-veggie’s delight and a veggie’s nightmare), we headed towards Mudaliarkuppam – on ECR, around 50 kms before Pondicherry. This is a boat house that offers water sports such as water skiing, water scooting, boating etc.

Given the weather conditions, we were not allowed to ski/scoot.
However, the boating experience through the backwaters was a lot of fun. We were transported in a motor boat from the back waters to an almost-exclusive beach – we thoroughly enjoyed playing in the warm saline waters, splashing and falling with the waves and collecting sea shells!


  1. Waves have some unique energy. It lets one's mind loose. The breeze the sound of the crashing waves and wet sand beneath your feet. Magical.

    Hope you have an excellent week ahead.

  2. Thanks Sameera...the sea is magical indeed...

  3. Hope you had a good time and liked the place..

    Here is my very short account on the place from last year.


  4. I loved the place, Ram! Your post has some beautiful clicks - the darkness shrouded pics makes the place look so mytic!

  5. Mahabs is a wonderful place. I dont find much chennaities making it a place for tour.

    It is interesting how foreigners make full use of it and love its heritage than the people in Chennai.

    Long Live, India's tourists! :)

  6. Agree with you completely! Hail India's tourists!

  7. nice pictures..
    also (may be iam biased since iam from there))- you can many interesting sites for you into history.. tharangambadi/danish colony, along ECR you can find many interest spots,.. it dec/jan. dont miss out on century old music festival..theaters/dramas,etc..

  8. thanks for the lead...will check those out too!


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