Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slogan T’s!!!

Now, let me start with a disclaimer - am not much of a fashion whiz and so am hardly ever consciously aware of the latest trends or the outdated fads.
However, I have always had a huge soft corner for smart short T shirts with witty one liners!

While I mostly shy away from wearing something that screams too outrageously wild, here are a few of my all time favorites (I have not necessarily owned all of these) from school and college days:
  • Coffee, Chocolate, Men - Some things are best rich!!!
  • If I don’t find true love, I will settle for a lot of money!
  • I was born this way, what’s your excuse?

When I started working, the T’s in my wardrobe reduced – so forget slogans on T’s! For some strange reason, very recently, I have begun to revive my fetish for these.
Tantra and People Tree are some places in India that I have checked out and find to be quite good!

Here are the few that I now own:

(Before you ask, yes, I wore this one to work already :D)

I hate to say this but there is a much more varied range when it comes to the men’s sizes!

My hubby wears awesome screen printed Ts picked up mostly at rock concerts or Hard Rock Cafés he frequents – Not really slogan T's – but nice!

My bro is also very particular about the kind of Ts he wears – and sometimes I have to really convince him to wear slogan Ts – And come to think of it, half the world proclaims women are finicky about their clothes!!!

Here are a few classics from my bro’s wardrobe:
  • This T shirt turns green in the company of morons (It’s obviously a green T :))
  • Beer is cheaper than fuel. Drink, Don't Drive.
  • You don’t have to be crazy to work here, They'll train you. (He begins his first job soon and I wonder if he will get to wear it to work!)

What are u fav slogans for T’s?
And let me know where you shop for them!


  1. Hey! I am super fan of slogan Ts too! :)

    Few slogan I have are:
    "I don't believe in miracles I rely on them"

    "All men are created equal- one step below women."

  2. A fun topic, this one. I always like reading slogans on Tee Shirts but sometimes I get so overboard that I stop. Many times people don't realise that I am reading their slogans and not staring at their whatever.

    I can't remember anything now but I liked all the ones you have mentioned. Should check out Tantras. Do they have exclusive showrooms? I have seen one in Spencer's. Any other place?

    Have a lovely rainy day, Yuvika :)

    Joy always,

  3. some of my favs

    feminism is the radical notion that WOMEN are PEOPLE

    when GOD made man....SHE was only joking!

    a camel can go without a drink for 14 days... I CAN"T!!

  4. @Sameera: I love the second one :)

    @Susan: Thanks Susan - Love the rains...tantra has an outlet in Express Avenue as well - basement - just outside Big Bazaar...

    @Jia: nice..esp the second one :)

  5. he hehe my type then .. i got so many tee with so many slogan, my friend in india would make them for me awesome , I have put one on my blog as a wordless wednesday , will be putting the others too soon...

    a few i have are

    I am right she is wrong end of story...

    Alcohol the cause and remed yto all life's problem

    Save water drin Wine

    you got some nice ones .. oooh i am gonna cheat now he heeh

  6. Slogan tees? Not me. Never. Solid color polos for me.

    Love your collection though.

  7. Thanks and Why am I not surprised at your response!!! :)

  8. Nice post! I love Slogan T's :)
    I have a couple of them.

    "My being good or bad depends on you"

    "To do list...
    1. Adam
    2. John
    3. Nick
    4. Peter"

    I have worn the first one to work... but definitely not the second one! :))

  9. @Sudha: Yep, those are good ones!

  10. So you’re a feminist…Isn’t that cute!
    that one of those Ts i hv..;)
    other Ts with witty one liners..
    - Vodka, connecting people
    - (barcode) not just a number
    - I was born this way, what’s your excuse? (i hv this))
    - I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it..
    - Smart Funny Dude.. Inside..

    and one of gift for frnd's newborn:
    - my dad can totally kick your dad's ass

  11. Yeah, you could call me a feminist :).

    You have a wonderful collection - I love the baby's T slogan :)

  12. I buy slogan Ts often for my bro, i pick them from pantaloons or shoppers stop..

    I give my 100% at work,
    Monday - 35%
    Tuesday - 15%
    Wednesday - 18%
    Thursday - 22%
    Friday - 10%

    Video games ruined my life. Thank god, I have two more lives!! :)


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