Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emotional Atyachaar

(Glossary: Atyachar is hindi for “harassment”)

I have been following Emotional Atyachar (on UTV Bindass) off and on, for quite some time now…
For the uninitiated this is yet another reality show where real-life couples take the help of the crew members of the serial to do a loyalty test on their partners.

Frankly speaking, almost all couples featured are insecure, desperate to get on TV and ultra dramatic. Nevertheless, the loyal viewership that the program boasts of is quite understandable. One, the whole detective angle leading to the climax is outrageously hilarious and two, you are like – thank god I am not stuck with this crazy guy/girl.

A relationship, in which either of the partners feels the need for a fidelity test, is already doomed irrespective of the outcome of the test.

You trust your partner or you don’t – how will your partner’s reaction to a planted bait salvage your already faithless bond?

On TV or offline, I would never do a loyalty check on my partner – Would you?


  1. The day one needs to have a check on his/her partner, it is time to call off that relationship.

  2. I haven't heard about this show but it sounds so cheap. Imagine people going in for a fidelity check on TV. It will be quite ugly if there were any issues. These talks are between couples but having something for the world to see is abominable.

    Joy always,

  3. @Chowlaji: Completely agree with you.

    @Susan: This is worse than washing your dirty linen in public!

  4. This shows us were we are heading to in the reality....One of the most entrusted and beautiful relationship in the world has been branded in such a way...its completely disgraceful

  5. I have not watched this program, but sounds extremely stupid. Who are these people to check the loyality?
    What do they achieve at the end of it?
    I would not test anyone and neither would want to be tested.


  6. @Niraj: yes, height of commercialization!

    @Ram: Agree with you completely!


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