Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leftovers from Spring

Who doesn't love the fresh aroma, the soft touch, the warm feeling that flowers bring!

Nothing like flowers to cheer one up, right? Wrong!

For the past few weeks, I have been battling with my pencils to sketch a few of my favorite flowers and the results have been very very disappointing. While landscapes remain my favorite subject, I do not think I have the courage to ever draw flowers again.

I just cannot capture the seemingly simple and elegant beauty of these creations on paper. So here's a sample of my dismal work.

Pansy: I swear to god, I hate all pansies now (pun unintended)...Everything went wrong with my first attempt - the drawing, the strokes, everything.

Carnation: The flower is menacing in its simplicity; it camouflages an artist's worst nightmare...

Tulips: How can anyone go wrong with Tulips...Well, I can...

Dogwood: Am sure, this is everyone's favorite doodle flower. A lot of my notebooks in school, college and even some notepads at work have been subjected to many dogwoods :).

P.S. After viewing the above sketches, please do not "unfollow" me or remove me from your feeds, I plan to move to some other subjects, I promise :).


  1. nice pencil sketching.m also interested in visit n comment on my blog.its a food blog is

  2. Hi Yuvika

    Dont loose courage, you may have not got the perfect look but it is the joy of doing what we like the most.For me it is perfect and beautifull.

    This is a nice article which reminds me the true meaning of enjoying what we do and forget about the immediate outcome.Creativity is a quality

    You may have come across this article but it is worth reading once in a while and not let the fire within die out... keep sketching


  3. I quite like your carnation. I think you've done a good job with the petals and the background shading.
    As for the others, one thing I felt is that the pencils you are using are too sharp; blunt their leads a lilttle before starting. That way your outlines will become softer and bring out the flowery feel better.
    Couldn't resist my two pennies of advice! ;)

  4. Every artist is quite critical of his or her work and that is precisely the problem with you. I think these pictures are wonderful. I have always liked pencil drawings and the flowers evoke a lovely feeling within.

    Yuvika, don't be too critical on yourself. I am saying this but when it comes to my work like writing or anything, I get too critical. I guess it is a universal factor.

    I am in admiration or your talents: first, the stitching and now the sketches. Wonder how many more art pieces are within that being called Yuvika.

    Life is definitely beautiful when we unfold what lies within us.

    Joy always,

  5. A lovely art being exhibited modestly.

  6. @Megha: Thanks, and yours is a yummy blog!

    @Satya: Thank you for those wonderful words!

    @Madhurima: Thanks a lot for the advice - you are right - i think the pencils are too sharp...

    @Susan: You are ever so encouraging and your words so beautiful. I am blessed to have a blogger friend like you! Thanks a ton!

    @Akila: Thanks

    @Hari: Thank you (here modesty is honesty ;))

  7. I share mutual feelings dear Yuvika :)

    Have a splendid Sunday.

    Joy always,

  8. not bad....I Liked the feels like we are fighting the odd against us...really nice...

  9. Hey wonderful paintings.. Awesome pencil sketches..

    Keep up the good work..:)


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