Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sun, Sand and Sea

(Aside: The coincidental alliteration in the last two post titles is unintentional, though I think it makes for interesting captions :).)

This post is an ode (yet again :p) to the much hyped and self-advertised, though well deserved, holiday in California recently.

I have realized that I can never get enough of the sand and the sea (the sun can wait); though, ideally, my allegiance should lie with the hills considering my ancestry is rooted in the Kumaon hills of Uttaranchal. I think I was a born non-conformist :D.
I do not doubt the majestic grandeur of the Himalayan ranges – awe-inspiring, heavenly. And I’d dare not compare it with the blue of the luscious oceanic waters. But the fact of the matter remains that I love the sea and would rather spend a vacation at the beach than the hills.
(Wonder if this had anything to do with my falling in love with a South Indian living in a beach city *wink*).

I can spend a lifetime gazing at the waves – how, at the horizon, waves form a huge, all-devouring monster only to come crashing down at the coast – how the timid waves also make their way through the mayhem to reach the shore – how all the waves recede leaving shells behind while keeping the marine secrets to themselves.

The infinite and eternal quality of the ocean is exalting and intimidating in the same breath. I don’t know if I am secure at the shingle or am losing out on so much that’s happening somewhere in the mystic waters. My life – all these years – where do they stand in contrast to the might of the blue abundance? A drop in the ocean, they say; what worth is nothing but a drop?

It is in the pelagic solitude that I have found both - greatly soothing peace and the deepest of turbulence within.

Leaving you with some images (and emotions, if you can find them) that I have captured at the various “sun-sand-sea” vacations…
(P.S. The only flip side of such a vacation is the awful tan we Indians get – While the rest of the world turns pretty shades of pink and peach, we become brown and black – Am at present under the influence of a reasonably strong sun tan and am doing my best to get rid of it. Will try doing a post if and when I am successful and pass on the tips and tricks!)

Phuket easily qualifies as the best beach holiday destination I have ever had. The colors so rich, the sun so warm, the sand so magnificent. I have a soft corner for white sands.

In India, no better haven for those smitten by the waters than Goa. Mumbai is hardly okay. Chennai is dirty. I have heard the Andamans, Trivandrum and Kerela are beautiful – these are still on my must-see!

California beaches are a lot of fun.

A dockyard at the shore makes a picturesque sight too!

The sea at its sinister best…I am sold to the concept of piers…

Undeniably, the best moments at the beach are the sunrises and the sunsets.
The rich hues pacify the frayed nerves and rejuvenate the senses dulled by the monotony of everyday life.

There’s a long list of places I must go to satiate the water person in me (though I must admit I am not a water sports person – so no snorkeling etc for me) – Hawaii, Miami, Andamans...
Which ones make it to your list?


  1. Any day i would choose beach over a hill station. The sound of the water crushing into the soft sanded beaches, the romantic ambiance and the view of the sunset... Its simply irresistible. To me the best way to spend a vacation is, lay down in the beach, sip a chilled beer while you watch the sun disappear into the endless ocean.

    Great pics!

  2. Very nice pics.
    I am very fond of being near the beach--not really on the beach. I am scared of water

  3. I love the sea as well. One can get lost in the waves for hours together. I completely endorse your thoughts. The pictures of the sea are indeed breath-taking. And do visit Kerala, it is lovely to behold.

    Someday I would like to try the water games as well: scuba-diving, snorkeling and swimming (i don't know how to)

    I wish you soon visit all the places you have mentioned.


  4. @AK: thanks! sunsets rule!

    @Chowla ji: thank you - the view is best enjoyed from anywhere near the beach :)

    @Susan: Glad we share the same thoughts :)

  5. Another similarity there: me and hubby are both more beach persons than hill persons. Though I don't mind the mountains either....

    And I love that bit about the peaceful solitude and inner turbulence that a beach brings out so well. I experienced one such life-changing at Marina many years back! :)

  6. Awesome pic..specially the last one..setting Sun..I agree with you..I like the beaches and waves...its like the life experiences..which come and goes and again come back..

  7. @Madhurima: u did? can totally relate to what u wrote!

    @Niraj: thank u!

  8. Wonderful space and beautiful pictures


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