Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Sailor’s Cottage

A couple of months back, I happened to visit Odyssey (a leading book store in Chennai) and was delighted to spot the Anchor Stitch Kits.
Those not familiar with these kits must know that Anchor provides great designs that you can embroider using long stitch. They give you the design as well as the matching threads.

Though not a pro at these myself, take my word that they are extremely easy to work with – I first did a design (a cute penguin with an easel) eons back in school and it took me 3 years to complete it – not because it was complicated but because of the lazy procrastinator I am :). The framed work still adorns my bedroom back at my parents’ place.

This time around I thought these kits would work well with my resolve to do something more constructive with my free time, especially over the weekends, instead of wiling it away on the idiot box. So the highly ambitious person that I am, I picked two large ones.

After a good amount of dilly-dallying with little progress made in months together, I pulled myself up. And, yes, the self reproach did work.
Here’s the fruit of my labor, and you bet, I am damn thrilled and proud of myself. Forget the fact that long stitch is child’s play, atleast I did it reasonably well. This design (25 cm x 30 cm) is named ‘A Sailor’s Cottage’ and I love the bright, vibrant colors that make the setting! This colorful work goes for framing this week and then its up on the wall :).

I have the next one (and the larger of the two :() to finish now, but want to take a break from all the needlework. Hoping I can get back to my pencils in the interim!


  1. that looks very pretty :)
    and as i am gonna have surplus free time in the comming days.. i think i'll pay a visit to odyssey as well :D

  2. so beautiful - u picked a good design. anchor stitch kits are awesome. good job.

  3. @Shimmer: thanks! Yes you must and all the best :)

    @Aps: thanks, yep the design was nice and colorful to keep me motivated.

  4. Oh beautiful!! Nice work and good determination! ;)

    *makes a mental note of Anchor stitch kits*

  5. Yuvika:

    I am proud of you as well. How nice this looks and the name makes it more romantic "A sailor's cottage." Don't you feel like a creator of beauty after this? I am sure you are thrilled to bits. Have you decided a place for this? Now I think you should challenge yourself to write a short story revolving around this picture and post it for us to read.

    Wishing you many more lovely art works.

    Joy and peace,

  6. @Sameera: thank u!!

    @Susan: Wow, your words are really inspiring - though I love reading fiction - have never tried to attempt writing - Some day maybe!


  7. It is so colourful and vivid..I like it..Even I did a couple of similar stuff back in school.. :)

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