Sunday, July 11, 2010

A shot at optimism…

The heat and humidity in Chennai (and Delhi) is enough to put any enthusiastic and cheery person off. Alas, the Indian “garmi” is in stark contrast to the romantic and poetic “Summer” of the west!

Which Indian will talk of summer as:
“Great is the sun, and wide he goes
Through empty heaven with repose;”
(Robert Louis Stevenson)

I wonder if the yogic power of auto suggestion – or in more filmy terms – the “aall izzz well” mantra really works…The plan is to list down things that I love about the summers (I better have a long list because that’s the only season in the city where I live – Chennai).

As always, it would be great to hear your summer hit list too!
  • No. 1 - Raw mangoes - With a dash of red chilli powder and a touch of salt
  • Naariyal paani (tender coconut) – I insist on eating the fattening “malaai” too!
  • Lemon Soda with lots of yummy masala
  • Gola or chuski – the kaala khatta one at the Rajasthan stall at Dilli Haat (Delhi) being the best I have ever had!
  • I am wondering if I should mention ice creams because I can eat them and enjoy them irrespective of the season :)
  • (Gosh I am such a foodie all that comes to my mind is what I can “feed” on! - Summers is a time when weather permits walks - but motivation is another matter)
  • Light, breezy clothes – come to think of it – most desirable and fashionable wardrobes are designed for summers!
  • If I was in school, I would have surely said summer vacation, but, well…
  • Ummm, what else?


  1. Oh you just made summers Yummy!! lol! Nice post!

  2. Dear Yuvika:

    Don't talk about the heat but this June and July (so far) have been pleasant in comparison to the earlier months.

    Incidentally I wrote about Summers in India and those in the Romantic poems of yore. You should read that.

    I liked your list. Th raw mangoes are my favourite as well.

    Wishing you pleasanter days,

  3. Hey Susan - that's a really wonderful post u have on summers!

    Yep, the rains have made the weather slightly more bearable but humidity gets on my nerves - not that I was ever born in London ;)

    great to hear from u!

  4. Hi! I came across your blog through Nice list! You just made summers exciting and not something we keep on complaining about :)
    Have fun!

  5. @Upasana: thank you for stopping by! yes trying my best to be optimistic about the summers!

  6. I haven't try chuski on Rajasthan stall in Delli Haat. Next I will for sure.
    Thanks! :)

  7. Hi Chandrika, good to see you here. Yes, that chuski is a must try!

  8. Nice ones... Here is something that I put together in April..


  9. Thanks Ram. Checking out your post...


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