Sunday, May 2, 2010


She wakes up to the din of the dawn
(Whoever painted the serene morning star,
Did not have a lousy spouse and kids to feed)

She works amidst the mass of chaotic humanity
(Brotherly love and knightly charm are
Superfluous verses on scraps of paper)
The heat, and the gray sky opaque with dust
Struggle to offer her hope and joy
(Those who talk of the beauty of summer
Must try taking her place, she thinks again)

Shared smiles and cursed exchanges
Are the highlights of her day

She dreads the walk back home
The night is neither dark nor quiet
Awaits is the cacophony of the
Evening chores and the kitchen fire
(Calm and warmth that dusk brings
Is a privilege of the mighty rich, she knows)

She wades through the needs of the house
And the demands of mutual habitation
(Familial love and celebration is welcome
Only when the stomachs are full)
Into the four walls and the closed doors
She finally makes one desperate attempt
To seek peace and solace
(She still wonders whether she feels
Relief or fear when he does not return)

Sleep eludes her, so does life
Her heart dips, that sinking feeling
The night will not end her woes
It will not drown the aching pain
It will not promise a new morning

She must get up tomorrow
To roll the stone uphill, once more

This game must be His favorite to watch
She muses,
No wonder He makes us play it again and again.


  1. Awesome!! Musings of a women, well written. :)

  2. She is great...
    She is awesome...
    She is life. :-)

  3. @Sukanya: Thank you

    @Dev: Yes, she is life

  4. yuvi...ur a wondrous mine of talent ,to say the least..m zapped!!


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