Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some relics from the past...

And while I have been uploading pics of mom's paintings, she has very proudly dug out my ancient sketch book. If she is to be believed, it is precisely 12 years old.
She insists I post these relics too...ouch! What hurts is that the sketches that I do now show no improvement - infact some are much worse :(.


  1. These are lovely Yuvika. Never knew you had this creative streak in you. Maybe time to develop it further :)

  2. Tell you what? I'm surprised I still hold on to my own art file, though in manuscript colour and parchment condition. Guess what, I really don't know why it has torn remains of a sketch, which is signed by a lady who styles her 'y' like a tulip! (Rest of the file is autographed in red pen by a certain Mrs. Alka Ajmani. Any recollections?)


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