Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One of the last generations to enjoy DD…

As Door Darshan (DD) completes 50 years, I realize that I belong to one of the last generations to enjoy this public division broadcaster of India. I am talking about the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Once the ‘cable’ invaded our televisions, DD was quickly relegated to the domain of the 9 o’clock news and the weekend movies. By the late 90’s, DD was history for most of us whose first rendezvous with the TV was through the musical “bane sur mera tumhaara to sur bane humaara”. And for kids born after the 80’s, DD was archaic, as out-dated as dinosaurs maybe!

Only yesterday was I recounting to a colleague the fascination that we had for the television screen as kids. There were fixed slots for children’s programs and we considered it a treat to be able to watch the specials for extended hours during summer vacations.
Gone are those days; now from the day the kids are born, they have a plethora of choices. If nothing on the idiot box suits their temperament, mommy and daddy instantly fetch out the huge collection of DVDs. What charm will “ek chidiya, anek chidiya” hold for such youngsters?

Here’s a list of some of my favorite DD serials that defined my viewing experience as a kid and therefore occupy a huge soft corner in my heart:
  • Ramayana – No other adaptation of Ramayana comes close to this Ramanand Sagar classic
  • Mahabharata – Another DD flagship that brought alive the epic in every household on Sundays at 9 AM
  • Vikram aur Betaal – I am told I was initially dead scared of Betaal but couldn’t resist watching the spell-binding episodes
  • Jungle BookAww who can forget Mowgli – 'jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila phool khila hai'
  • Flop Show – The “baap” of all comedy serials – a la Jaspal Bhatti
  • Chanakya – Yes, my first source of gyan on the Mauryan empire and “chankaya niti
  • Malgudi Days – The stories of the fictional town of Malgudi created by R.K. Narayanan
  • The Sword of Tipu Sultan – A magnificent portrayal of the life of Tipu Sultan
  • Dekh Bhai Dekh'Iss rang badalti duniya mein kya tera hai kya mera hai'
  • Chitrahar – Friday 7:00 PM it was!
  • Fun Time (during the summer vacations) - Included Talespin, Duck Tales, Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin
  • I also vaguely remember watching one or two episodes of Fauji (the one with SRK), Nukkad (rustic and rogue) and Circus (the not-so-funny life behind the stage)!

Here’s a loving remembrance to the good times we shared :).


  1. Hi Yuvika. I just discovered your blog! and love your post. Yea, we sadly might be the last ones to remember DD so fondly. But the impact that DD had, I don't think any channel can have. There may hundreds of reality shows and daily soaps, but what one Hum Log or Tamas or Dekh Bhai Dekh did to us, nobody can do that again. I wish DD could revive itself.

  2. These programme still have great charms that is why all these series are available in market...
    I and my husband have got 90 episodes of Mahabharata and we watch 2 episodes daily once in morning before leaving for office and once at night....

  3. @Maria - thanks! I love both ur blogs actually and have been "stalking" (aka following) you religiously since I chanced upon them through Madhurima's blog!

    @Anamika - yes, those were the days!

  4. Hey Yuvika chanced upon your blog through a network of links...nice writeups... More comments after I read more..

    By the way, it was "Mile sur mera tumhara"..

    Very true about the old DD serials..I have the complete Malgudi Days collection on my HDD. Takes me back to old times when I used to ask my mom what the whole story was (I was just learning Hindi)..

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thank you...and yes it was mile sur...memory loss ;)


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