Friday, April 4, 2014

Because Olive Garden does not home deliver!

Pasta is one of my favorite dishes - like an anytime dish - I can eat it for main course or snack or even have the leftovers for morning breakfast. And it is a pity that such a connoisseur as I proclaim myself to be, I am yet to visit Italy and taste the authenticity for myself. Now, if I had a bucket list, that would surely make it there. But, I digress.

So it happened. A rainy day. Under home arrest with a slightly sick baby. And the craving for creamy delicious pasta strikes. 

P.S. While I have nothing against the red sauce pasta - and till this past weekend that was the only pasta kind I had ever experimented with and made, it is the white sauce pasta that is my weakness. 

So, I decided to attempt the unknown. I followed Martha Stewart's recipe. And so what if I have to say it myself - the bechamel sauce was delicious. Her recipe is perfect and the addition of garlic and onions gives it just the right flavor. I steamed some veggies available in the refrigerator and my yummy "comfort" indulgence was ready. Oh, the joy when your own cooking turns out good. It got a thumbs up from the husband too. The daughter was unimpressed (as always). 

And, I remembered to click a pic too!


I appreciate you taking out the time to share your valuable opinions! They mean a lot!


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