Sunday, August 11, 2013

Savory baking...

It had been on my mind for a while now to try some of the savory bakes that seem to be very popular on Pinterest and FB pages. Finally, a friend's visit this weekend broke the jinx and I did try my hands at a recipe. It was ridiculously simple and the end product was sooo yumm.

Presenting Cornmeal muffins (recipe here):

These were soft, light and quite flavorful. Also, they make a great side dish for any meal as you can prepare the muffins well in advance and warm them a little just before serving.

Though, I have tried making Indian veggies like aloo shimla mirch (Potatoes and bell peppers) and gobhi (cauliflower), and even some very simple casseroles (mostly sauteed veggies with cream of potato/ mushroom/ corn - a great accompaniment to spicy/flavored rice) in the oven, I have not tried too many muffins, puffs, quiches and the likes. Have shortlisted a few tempting recipes - with the hope that I will make them some day!


  1. Yuvika, I was/am HERE! You made me think of something...F O O D !!!! Thanks a sure LOOKS good.


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