Saturday, August 17, 2013

Misused words!

Haven't you noticed that every once in a while we say something that we didn't really mean to but had to - because we had nothing better to say or because propriety beckoned it? What about words or phrases that you hear and you know they mean "nothing" really? What about words that are often misused?

Here are some that I absolutely detest and yet maybe guilt of using them (:P):
  • Cool! So what is cool? Everything that you cannot classify into more distinct and identifiable categories. It's also a word to close conversations (quite awkwardly sometimes :)).
  • Awwww...The baby is cute and so is the puppy, the couple is cute and all the mushiness in PDAs (public displays of affection - mostly inappropriate :D) is also awwwwwww. But thanks to social media this simple expression has been done to death that sometimes I feel its use is nothing but sarcastic.
  • Nice to meet you: We have just met - it's our first hello and first handshake, and in that nano second you have already decided it has been great to meet me? Yeah, yeah, I know it's meant to be polite, but I can never bring myself to say this to people I am meeting for the first time ever that very second - I am glad we met - it's always good to meet people - but, call me a prude if you will, I want to atleast have a minute or two long conversation for me to feel "nice" about you.
  • Premium: Everything is premium - Premium Internet services, Premium produce at the grocery stores, Premium outlets, Premium quality - actually all the so called "premium" things don't deserve the premium they are offered at.
  • Tragedy: This has to be the most misused word ever. Everything is a tragedy not tragic. Being a Lit student it irritates me all the more when every trifle is described as a tragedy. It dilutes the magnitude and the implied scale of the real tragedies. A tragedy has an impending doom, and inevitable fate. Most unfortunate events that happen around are really tragic.
  • Awesome - Every freakin' picture, status update, video, comment, remark is awesome. It is not. How can every other thing be so extraordinary. Alas, awesome has lost its awesome-ness ;).
  • We really need to do something about this/ It's high time: Take it from me nothing will be done by anybody because, let's be fair, nobody know anything about "that" and how to go about it. How about Let's do (1), (2), and (3).

So what are your pet peeves? Care to share?

Meanwhile, We really need to do something about these premium words that are nothing but an awesome tragedy to have happened to the awww-worthy social media where, by the way, it was great meeting you. Cool?

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  1. Hi Yuvika!
    You wrote:

    "So what are your pet peeves? Care to share?"

    I've 1,000 peeves, but none
    have to do with "pets". --grin!

  2. Well said Yuvika!! But I will tell you what, the reason behind people not giving much thought to this is, maybe, because in this maddening world of rush, people just want to be done with things quickly. Now say, your friend puts up a picture of her with her husband, say some 100th time on facebook. At one point in time, you exhaust all the comments that are meant for such a picture. You get to use facebook only during a 5 minute break you take at 4 o clock in office. So what do you write?? 'Awesome picture, you both look great together'. Its a very sad reality but that is how things are, you know.

    So is the word, cool.. It comes quite handy sometime.. :) :)

    Well, having said that, we really need to do something about these words, yeah.. A very well though over.

    1. Thank you and yes, we used most of these words to get over with it! I love your example :)

  3. Lit student? That's interesting :)

    1. I have always noticed Lit students have a different approach to certain things. Also, I hold a high regard for them because of their strong hold on language which helps them articulate things in a very refined manner.

    2. oh my god, that is too high an expectation to match upto :)

  4. Totally agree with your observations, Yuvika and the over usage of this limited vocabulary is distressing!


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